Rougue Audio Perseus up against McIntosh C2200

Got my Perseus today, and been listening to Vinyl all afternoon. Got to say the Perseus kick the crap out the C2200, at least in the phono stage. More open, better imaging, I don't know but it seems better. Selling the C2200 on Audiogon soon plus a MC352 replaced by a Will Vincent ST70 with new Gold Lion KT66 tube. I listened to both pre amps today with the same system and the Rogue sounds better to me at least in the vinyl. Did listen to two CD's and could better, not sure. Did not listen And I just saved a $1000.

Acoustic Solid, Machine Small
Will Vincent Dynaco ST70
McIntosh MVP 871
McIntosh MR78 Tuner
Zu Audio Definition MK II
Zu cabling, interconnects and power cables
Preferred Pre Amp Rogue Audio Perseus
The phono preamp sounds better in the Rogue than the McIntosh. There is no doubt. Incredible detail. The CD player does not sound as good through the McIntosh. McIntosh has way better midrange. Tuner seems to sound better in the Rogue. Difference with the Mcintosh and Rogue is I was using balanced inputs for the CD player on the McIntosh and the Rogue has only RCA. With the CD Player and the McIntosh sounding better, mean the McIntosh is way better preamp with a crappy phono stage or changing back to RCA from balanced with CD player change the sound?
I've owned the Rogue 99 Magnum and now own the C2200 and found that the 2200 really came alive by tube rolling the stock tubes out and replaced with upgraded NOS tubes and aftermarket tubes for both the line stage and phono preamp section. Preferable to the Rogue.
The stock c2200 tubes really aren't very good.
Wow, Thanks I still have the c2200 what were the tube improvements, Specifically what did you replace. The Rogue is cool but lacks something compared to the C2200 with regard to the CD player. I would like to try some tube rolling.
From my experience, I agree with Jgiacalo the stock C2200 cheapo Chinese tubes are junk. Settled with Tele ribbed plates and CANNOT believe it's the same preamp.
I agree, I am going to change the stock tubes of the C2200. Do some tube rolling and add a pair of Bob Latino M120 mono blocks (kit amps)as as seperate system (with Gold Lion KT88). The speakers, Zu Def MKII's have three terminal blocks each and can run three differing amp setups, indididually, of course. 60 Watts with my Zu Def MkII could entertain the neighborhood. Of course, good taste would be required.
I do notice that there are no phono adjustments on the C2200 where the Rogue does (resistance, capacitance, gain). My guess is the C2200 has it setup for a mm with a resistance set at 47k. I changed my Rogue to 300 Ohms and set it for a mc. That made a difference. I am also Tube rolling the Rogue with Vintage NOS Mullards. Also changing rca cables from Copper to Silver alloy.
Adjusted the resistance on the phono stage to 100 ohms from 300 ohms. Better I found for a MC cartridge. Getting better all the time. Rogue with vinyl no match with the C2200. C2200 falls way behind on the phono stage. CD/DVD well I think the C2200 is better. Waiting on some White Zombie RCA interconnects which I think may improve the mids on the CD/DVD (McIntosh MVP 871) and the Rogue.
Sold the C2200. As stated, the Rogue has such a better phono stage preamp, the McIntosh C2200 can't keep up. Replaced all RCA connector's with White Zombie solid silver 26 AGW and wow so good. Now the DVD player (Mc MV781) sounds good. I still use McIntosh for Tuner and DVD/CD but preamp and amp McIntosh gone. Selling or sold. Dynaco ST70 by Will Vincent kick the crap out of my MC352. Love the Dynaco sound with Rogue preamp. I am a vinyl fan and have so many records, difficult to keep track. Happy listening
To quote Cstripeika: "Tuner seems to sound better in the Rogue."

I am curious when Rogue started making tuners?

Hi, we've been trading messages on Ebay tonight. Couldn't figure out if it was possible to just send you an email on here but I guess not unless you have an active listing. I'd like to do a deal through PayPal here if you're open to that.