Rotel RSX 1067, Arcam AVR350, Azur 640A Which one?

Newbie, I would like some 2 cent opinions.
This is what I have:
Rf15 2 x front 1'tweet 2 x 5.25' Tower 46 to 20khz
Rc25 center 1" tweet 2 x 5.25' 69 to 20khz
Rs35 4 x surround 2 x 1' tweet 1 x 6' 81 to 20khz
KSW 10" sub
Onkyo 602 85 watts x 7 no preouts
Room 16 x 12 x 8
Used for TV (Directv no HD ) and movies ( not HD ) some music
I was thinking of upgrading my receiver.Is it worth it with these speakers. Will I hear a difference?. All recievers listed on this site.
please understand that the music is important that you listen in saying that,....i imagine you listen to rock, pop...since most that have klispch listen to rock pop saying that....all would be fine, go with the best pricing.....i have a azur 640 and love it, it sounds like tubes without the tube hazzle and has all inputs you need and they can be had reasonable...but anyone of these would be fine.....
Thanks DWhitt. I bought Klispch because they were on sale.
They are bright, but i think it is okay for HT. Not for music.
What speakers do you have hooked to 640?