Arcam AVR350 vs B&K 507

Does anybody know which receiver sounds better? They cost around the same at retail. Arcam is rated 100wpc and B&K is rated 150wpc. You feedback is much appreciated
Both seem to be dated and out of production. What are you going to use it for? There were problems with the earlier AVR 350's, you'll need to do a search to determine when the upgrade was done (serial number or date of manufacture).

Don't be swayed by a difference of 50 watts. Higher speaker sensitivity is more important when dealing with audio video receivers.
I was talking to a dealer of Arcman this week, and supposely Arcamn is updating their AVR350, but he didn't know when that will happen. They did come out with a new AVR - the AVR600 for $5K! I want an Arcam, but I would like it to be a little updated..... So, that is why I went for Denon AvR-4308ci.....
The b&k will haue more dynamics. Arcam power sounds laid back to me. B&k excels at making receivers sound like separates to my ears.