Rotel 1068/1075 Separates or Arcam AVR350?

I have Rotel 1068 Pre/Pro and Rotel 1075 (5ch) amp. I am considering selling or trading for an Arcam AVR 350 Receiver. Would this be an upgrade? Downgrade? Laterall Move?

What I like about the Arcam AVR350 receiver is the single footprint, one power cable, don't need Interconnects from Preamp to Power amp, and I honestly think the Arcam AVR350 Receiver might sound better than the Rotel Separates.

I did an A-B test in my home once and I recall liking the 2Ch musicality, soundstage, depth and space of the Arcam better.

I welcome your input. Has anyone A-B'd the Arcam AVR350 to the Rotel Separates?
this is an easy one. I used to own rotel separates which i sold for avr 350. There is beter performance in both HT and stereo. Go for it.
Thanks for the response Glai. Which Rotel Separates did you have? It would be great if the Arcam AVR350 bested the Rotel Separates I am using. The Arcam AVR350 receiver would simplify my system by giving me one footprint. That saves a rack space. One Power Cord, fewer interconnects. And if it sounds better, then it's a Win-Win!
I don't have any input on your quesiton, but I would like to ask you one. I just brought The Rotel 1068/1075 used and can't get the menu screen to come up, I've tried everything in the manual. Do you no how?