Rotel RSX-1067 , Arcam AVR 300, B&K AVR 507 S2

Trying to decide among the three. Going from seperates to a receiver. Using Paradigm Reference speakers in a 5.1 HT and planning on driving a second zone with the other amps. Any thoughts as to musicality and HT for these?
I have the B&K and have considerd the Arcam. However the B&K provides much more flexibility. The Arcam is less expensive. I don't see how you can go wrong with either.
The Arcam is the best sounding of the three (I'm talking in terms of musicality) with the Rotel a close second and the B&K last. The B&K has the most features for HT and delivers more current than the other two. (Current is more important than Watts). The Paradigms are not a difficult load to drive so in reality all three units can drive them.

Good luck with whatever unit you decide to buy!

I just got an AVM300 and am shocked at how much better it sounds than my old NAD. The only complaint with the AVM is that though it is very layed back and musical for soft textures strings and whatnot, it lacks in punch, so it's a bit polite for Rock & Roll. It is an astonishingly transparant piece for it's price range. It buries my old NAD, and I think it is more musical than the Anthem 20 model separate system.
Go with Arcam and newer look back!
I have Paradigm Reference as well and this combo is amazing.