Rotel RCD 1072 verus Channel Islands VDA•2 DAC

I'm looking to replace my current CD playback with either the Rotel or Channel Islands. My current system is a Yamaha transport and Audio Alchemy DDE V1.1 DAC. The Yamaha is 14 yrs old and the DDE is 11 yrs old. Would it be better to go to a one box player or go for another DAC? Which would give the best sound and value? As you can see I keep my equipment a long time. So sound and build quality means alot. Thanks for any input.

I've compared the 1072 vs DDE1.1 fed w/the 1072's digital out.

RCD-1072 as stand-alone player betters 1072+DDEv1.1 yeilding a lower noise floor, more detail,extension,larger-deeper image and many of my HDCD's extend that lead.

However add a DTI/pro and things get much better.
Larger/deeper image more detail and good dynamics.
You MUST have the upgraded PS-3 or Monolithic with the DDEv1.1.

A workhorse system here of an ancient Pioneer Mega changer>DTI/Pro>DDEv1.1 makes a really good listenable set-up...using !Toslink!.
The slightly more laid back sound is great with the many less then great recordings here.

Sometimes the high level of detail works against the 1072

My guess is the new CIAudio Dac is better than the 1.1 but Dusty's old dac ain't half bad with a DTI/pro.
I had a Rotel cdp, a NAD as well, 3 yr old models. Used I guess you can get either for a few hundred, but I'd recommend a new/used Cayin. preferably the 17, but a cheaply priced 15 will work as well. No contest.
If you get the Channel Island VDA 2 you won't need another dac for a very long time. The design and build quality are excellent and at 600 dollars a super deal. I'm sure Dusty will give you a trial on his new dac. You may want to buy one before the reviews come out as he may get smart and raise the price a couple of hundred.