Channel Islands D-200 or Ayre V-5Xe???

Has anyone compared these two units? What are the major sonic differences? Which one was better on your system and why?
I had the chance to audition both of these amplifiers in my home, driving Thiel CS2.4, using the Bent NOH passive preamplifier (TVC). I must say that the D200s worked very well for me but not the Ayres. Having read glowing reviews of the Ayre, I expected more and felt disappointed that the Ayre was not able to musically move me. Later, after I had returned the Ayres, the salesman told me that I should not have used the Hydras with the Ayre since the amplifier already has some kind of power conditioning. Sonic differences: D200 was a revelation - tremendous headroom, uncanny speed, wonderful with strings, cymbals, vocals. Details literally float in space! Come to think of it, same is true with two other SS amplifiers I compared it with - Odyssey Stratos Plus, YBA Passion 400. So for me its the D200 by a clear margin.
I own five CIA D200 (because the first three were so good). Denjo's observations about the D200 are accurate. The only thing I know about the Ayre is that it costs twice as much.
How would you compare the CIAs to the Odyssey?

Denjo, I made the same mistake with the Ayre. I plugged it into some power conditioners and the soundstage just went flat. The dynamics were totally gone. Has anyone else heard the units and compared?
You should try the Odessey Stratos mono extreme with the new boards.