Channel Islands VDA-1 vs VDA-2 vs MSB Link III

I've been trying information comparing these three DAC's. I had trouble finding it on Audiogon and I found a small snippet comparing the VDA-1 vs. VDA-2 on Head-Fi. Based on the information I've found, in general terms, it seems that the

VDA-2 > MSB Link DAC III > VDA-1

Do you agree? Are they all relatively close? Does anyone have any experience with them or how they specifically differ? Am I correct in assuming their respective power supplies have an equal effect on all of them (VAC-1 and P1000)?
haven't heard them all myself but do own the VDA2 (with RAL umbilical and VAC1) and am quite content (for now)
I love my VDA 2/ VAC 1 combo, it's the best sounding source component I've ever owned. I've owned several decent players, 2 Audio Alchemy dacs, and a CAL Alpha. The VDA 2 beats them all. I'm using a Sony DVP 9000ES as the transport which in it's own right isn't bad but it doesn't come close to this little gem. This review pretty much sums it up:

I was also on the fence, I wanted an affordable DAC and was looking toward used or the MSB as you can get one new for $250. After much research I decided the MSB was somewhat dated and almost pulled the trigger on a PS Audio DAC III until I learned that PS had switched manufacturing from Boulder CO to China, kind of a turn off since I wanted to "buy USA". Then I read about the VDA 2 and decided to try one, I'm glad I did. The bang for the buck factor is off the charts, I have never spent as much time ENJOYING the music as I do since adding this DAC. You will spend a small fortune to better this DAC.
I've read quite a few positive comments on the VDA2, but I do have one concern. It uses a CS chip and they tend not to be very well liked. I know there's a lot more to a DAC than one chipset but you gotta wonder about the choice... course it only lists for $599.
I believe it uses a CS 24/192 input receiver but the DAC is a Burr Brown 1794. Forget the price, it's built better than many "high end" components. It is a killer DAC regardless of price, perhaps Dusty should put it in a larger box and double the price, he'd sell a ton of them !