Rotel: best multichannel amp for B&W P4?

I am currently running Cambridge Audio CD player and Integrated amp (both are the 500 series). My speakers are the B&W P4 & ASW800 sub.

Not bad for a cheap 2 channel system, but I would like to find an amp that will improve upon the 2 channel while also providing multichannel for HT.

From searching around, I think that maybe the Rotel RSX-1065, or seperates using the RMB-1075 might be the best choice. Anyone???

I think that (from reading reviews) that the character of the P4 is in many ways similar to the matrix line, which is similar to the cdm line, which is similar to the nautilus line (etc)... at least in general character. so maybe if you are not familiar with the P4 you might apply my question to the newer B&W offerings?

In 2 channel mode I primarily listen to Jazz and Blues/Rock. My listening room is about 15' x 15'.

i use the P5's which in treble and midrange character are identical to your P4's. I upgraded my amps by going with parasound.

i use a pair of HCA-1000A's on my fronts to biamp and a 1203 for the centre and rears. But you could always try a 1205, or 2205 as a way into parasound. Ive found them to be a great match for teh B&W as they dont have problems with the B&W's nasty impedance dips.

The P4's like lots of clean high current power. so try to find something with plenty of current.
As a general rule, I do not like B&W. The only time that I have liked a B&W speaker was when it was matched with Rotel separates. The two do very well together. The Rotel units seemed to help reduce a lot of the brightness and glare that I usually hear with B&W.

I say go with Rotel.