Rotel 1075 5-Channel + Rotel 1068 pre/processor

I recently purchased the Rotel 1075/1068 combo for HT. I wanted a system that was good for HT but also for two channel stereo listening. My former equipment consisted of a Classe Seventy amp and Classe Four preamp (a bit dated I know!). Anyways, the sound of the Rotel combo is fairly good (still breaking them in though), but I'm finding the bass response a bit lacking from what I was accustomed to. So here are my questions: 1. The Rotel combo comes with very cheap two prong power cords that go to my wall outlet. Will upgrading to a semi-decent power cord help my sound quality audibly? If so, what power cords can someone recommend for my amp/processor combo? 2. Any recommendations on interconnects between the two units? 3. Any recommendations on speaker cable as well? Any advice anyone could give me to help improve the bass response would be greatly appreciated! My system consists of:
B&W Concept 90 CM2 speakers for fronts
B&W DM 600 S3 for surround speakers
Rotel 1075/1068 as mentioned above
REL Q150E sub (primarily used for HT)
B&W HTM Matrix design

Thanks for your help!
Unfortunately the Rotel is not likely to perform quite as good as your older Classe set-up. This being said you can make it sound as good as possible. Playing with bass management on a pre-pro can help substantialy just as playing with speaker and sub placement can. After all of this has been done until you are sick of adjusting you can try all of the magic tweeks. I think that if you try a PowerVar or Trip-Lite power conditioner on your CD player or turntable you will see an appreciable difference in the bass reproduction. Because these sources consume little current you can use a small conditioner that is relatively inexpensive. Demo one if you have the chance.
Go for Signal Cable. I would recommend the Magic Powercord on all components. Not costing you a fortune, you´ll be happy with the bass response this PC will give you.

For Ic´s and Speaker there is a wide range to fit your needs.

BTW - Let the gear get some hours before judging. Atleast 100h+

Check the sub settings on the 1068. You will need to dial it in 3 categories.

a. Sub Settings (one for each input).
b. Speaker settings ( I use the "max" setting).
c. Test Tone (you will need a SPL meter).

Hope this will help.
I've struggled with these same concerns. I own Rotel 1066 processor and 1075 amplifier on B&W speakers. I haven't replaced power cords, but did upgrade speaker cable and interconnects hoping to increase bass response. It helped, but never to a level that compared with good 2 channel components. I turned the bass tone control up to +4 on the Rotel, and now I'm satisfied with the way HT sources sound, but still not 2 channel.
I've experimented with integrating a separate 2-channel pre-amp into my HT setup, and that yielded some very good results (and also made me want a better amp). To integrate a separate pre-amp, you would hook up the main outputs from your Rotel into a HT bypass input on the 2-channel pre-amp. Then the outputs from the 2 channel pre-amp go to the inputs on the amplifier. Any two-channel source would be hooked up to the inputs on the better sounding pre-amp.

Good luck. For me, I'm leaning towards two separate systems. One for HT, and one for stereo.
Thank you for all your responses. I think I'm more confused about everything now than before. My previous two channel set up consisted of the Classe Seventy amp paired with the Classe Four preamp (a bit dated but still good). I was originally going to sell the Classe equipment, but after hearing the newly acquired Rotels, as I mentioned earlier, I'm a bit disappointed, especially with the two channel stereo bass response (non-existent!). So if I decide to keep the Classe equipment, how do I incorporate it into my Rotel equipment? I tried to follow what the last posting recommended (incorporating the pre-amp into my Rotel, but got lost on exactly how to hook it up...Or should I try hooking the two channel classe into the 1068 Rotel processor for the front speakers? If do I do that? I originally had wanted to add a new power cord. A previous post had recommended Signal powercords. Upon closer inspection, the Rotel equipment only takes a TWO PRONGED North American cord. Now I feel like I've bought the wrong equipment; what decent stereo manufacturer only uses TWO pronged power cords??????. *sigh* Does anyone make a decent two pronged power cord? In the end, the VERY last thing I want to do is have two separate for HT and the other for strictly music. ANY and all advice is greatly appreciated!
Ive gone thru the same basic issue, as I have a 1066 and 1075 combo. I have added or changed out eveything, IC's, power cords, power conditioner, etc. The biggest thing I did was to add a two channel amp for the front mains. First I had a 991, 200 X 2, and that helped out with what your looking for quite a bit. More punch and better bass, no doubt. Then I came across a 1090 amp, and that was it. I have to take out the sub when listening to two channel music.
As for the power cord issue, when i brought the 1090 home, I had the dreaded ground loop hum. I did eveything you were supposed to do to get rid of it, and it was still there, albeit to kind of a minimum. My buddy told me to clip the ground plug. I did, and that was all she wrote, it was gone forever.
As for the classe preamp, its better for sure, I did a borrow / sound check against my Rotel, but I have since made upgrades to compensate. Doubled up my main speaker wires.
Its been a long road, and Im not quite in two channel heaven just yet, but I am totally happy with the HT aspect, as I can shake a little plaster off the wall if I want to.
Try adding another amp for the front mains, you wont believe the difference.