Rotel 1067 vs. Denon 3805?

I want to replace my old Onkyo 70x5 receiver. I've been looking at the Rotel 1067 and the Denon 3805. Which receiver would be a good match for me? Any other quality receiver suggestions in this price range would be appreciated.

My requirements:
I want 7.1 capability with 3 sets of component inputs or upconverting of S-video. My husband and I are movie fans and rarely listen to music. We have a large open living room, 17x21, with cathedral ceilings going up to 18'. The living room has a large unclosable opening to the kitchen at one end (open floor plan).

My equipment:
We're using my husband's older 6 ohm Cerwin Vega RE-25 for the mains. (These will one day be upgraded when space allows to floorstanding towers.) My center is a B&W HTM1. The rears are B&W Nautilus 805s. I currently do not have a sub but can get a LOT of bass out of those CVs. Adding a sub after I get a good HT A/V receiver will also be on my TO DO list.
Definitely Denon. Rotel is a pricey stereo amp that does a nice job separating musical instruments in an orchestra or a concert hall, but lacks the necessary features of a home theatre.

Denon is by far the best bang for the buck for this type of application.
I hear people talking about B&W speakers being "power hungry". I'm not exactly sure how much is enough. My Onkyo is only 70wpc and my speakers sound good but I have no other receiver to compare against.

Since I do have B&Ws, I want to get a HT A/V receiver that will provide enough juice. Will the Denon 3805 do this? I guess I'm asking is the Denon 3805 a good match for my speakers and my 99% movie watching.
I disagree with fiberzap. The new Rotel has a very similar feature set to the Denon. I personally consider the Rotel an entry-level hi-end piece where the Denon is high-level mid-end. Plus I think the Rotel is a better match for the B&W speakers. I would go and demo both and buy the one that you think is easier to use (and has a better remote, if you not already planning on using a third party remote). Dollar for dollar, pound for pound the Rotel is going to sound a little better.
Rotel RSX 1067 msrp 2,199
Denon AVR 3805 msrp 1,200 loaded with 16 burr brown dacs

Are the extra 1k worth it ?, I beleive not.

If I were to buy an AV Receiver my choices would be, Sunfire, B & K, Rotel, Onkyo Integra (if you can find one), and Denon. In that order.

In my opinion the Sunfire, B & K, and Rotel have the better amplifier sections of those listed. As far as Receivers go, these are entry level high-end gear IMO.
The 3805 looks like a real sweet reciever for its price.
there has been alot updated from the 3803, its almost hard to say this is its successor and not a new line of recievers.

The 3805 has plenty of upgrades.

DDSC features Analog Devices HammerHead SHARC 32 bit floating processor, which was featured in the 5803 model

Auto-Setup and Room EQ with an optional microphone

APHLA 24 processing plus AL24+ which is on the 5803, opposed tot he AL24 on the 3803

DENON LINK SE input which was on the 5803

Trap Door on front panel hiding all buttons needed to make adjustments, so you dont have to use the remote

Larger display. (thank god, the 3803 display sucked)

New model of touchscreen remote, looks like a pretty slick remote for a reciever of this price.

There is now a RS-232 port, like the 5803

An additional Component input bringing the total to 3, matching the 5803.

Same sucky close-fitting binding posts though. Better get some banana plugs.

I used to have the 3803 and i loved it. Things are finally looking my way and hopefully i will be able to buy a bunch of gear in the next few months. The 3803 was on my list of purchases, but now im aiming for one of the 3805's.

Got pre-outs too. Which is good, i plan on using outboard amplification someday. The 120wpc oughta get me by untill then.