Room Size v Speakers


I'm looking to change my speakers. My room size is 4.3m x 4.25m x 2.7m

I currently using Talon Raven. I've norrowed my options to either Wilson 5.1 or Avantgarde Duo. Two different speakers presentations I can live with. Which of the two would I be able to optimise the best. The room itself is a dedicated music room so I've got full flexibility concerning placement issues. The room has already got room treatments and I'm happy to invest in more.
In regards to the Wilsons 5.1 I'm looking to pair with Conrad Johnson 350sa ...Not sure what amp I would use with the Duo's at the moment.

If you are looking at horn speakers take a look at the Owalds Mill website. I am looking at the minis for my 14'x
18' x 10' room. A good horn speaker is hard to beat.