Rogue Zeus Amp - Anyone heard this?

I'm very interested in the Rogue Zeus amplifier, but have not heard it.

Any opinions?
Very powerful--225 a side if I am correct--and conservatively rated. I used one on loan while my MAC was being repaired and it never ran out of gas!!! It is a great amp IMHO!

I'm hearing it now. I love it, it's not going anywhere. I've had it for about a year. I've done some tube rolling (driver tubes) to tune it the way I like it.
It is part of my primary system, and I consider that system as good as I've heard - certainly the best I've ever owned, and complete for several years. I mean that!
Bought one maybe 3 years ago and have not been tempted to replace it or had to mess with it beyond the occasional bias adjustment. If you want a definite tube sound you will not like it, it happens to coincide with my definition of what neutral sounds like so I do like it. Have paired it with Vandersteen 5a's and previously dynaudio confidence 3's, either match seemed to work well, the C3's were 4 ohm 85dbw and the Zeus replaced 300wpc solid state driving them. Am driving it with Rogue's Magnum 99 pre configured for balanced output and one balanced in and slightly hot rodded at the factory, there seems to be some nice synergy there and the M99's are selling used for good value if that is of interest. Last tidbit is there is some improvement to be had from calling Rogue and having them send you NOS 12ax7's and 12au7's. All just imho. Good luck with whatever you purchase. Oh, very last tidbit, if you don't need as much power, others have reported better synergy with their systems with 120's or 150's.
Yes ive owned of them. HIfI News did a report and was disappointed I have the review here.
Good lowend and imaging. Not alot of life to it.
M120s are mch better for the money
I have had my Zeus for two years now and apart from blowing two tube fuses, I have had no problems with it. I use a copland 301 pream and linn ikemi cD player. I bought it as a demo and am still using the original power tubes. Jeff Jones, how much did rogue ask for the nos tubes you mentioned and what kind of nos tubes were they? I am very pleased with the sound of the speakers are ASW genius 400's.
Hiend2 wrote" not a lot of life to it." I respectfully disagree, but then I've rolled tubes to get the sound I prefer (which is very lively, BTW). Half of these tubes came from Rogue (the Marks define Great Customer Service, which is no small matter), the others from well known tube hawkers.
M120s are much better for the money? Everyone that I know who have had both prefer the M150s. Anyway, the M120 is an older model,so sells pretty inexpensively used,and is fine but is only half the power. How can you compare?
I like the zeus, Its a good amp,To me the Rogue magic is not there. Sorry, Ive tried it twice It might work better in another system.
Hiend- that's one big hunk of metal to lug in twice!
I'm not sure what the "Rogue magic" is, but the beauty of tubes is the ability to change sonic signature by using different ones.
For sure - as with all equipment, you must arrange the pieces so that they suit YOUR ears. Cables, speakers, electronics all must be put together just so.
The Zeus sits as the cornerstone of the best system I've ever owned, and definitely ever heard IN MY ROOM. It's staying.
I've had my Zeus for a good while now, almost four years.

I have Telefunken and RCA clear tops in the signal tube stages. I've replaced all of the fuses with HiFi tuning fuses for a staggering improvement in slam and sparkle ( I really did not think the fuses would be such an improvement.) It sits on a Sistrum amp stand and uses a Shunyata King Cobra cord.

My preamp is a 99 Magnum that's been tweaked a bit Bob Backert with amazing results.

I've found the Zeus to be a powerful amp capable of great finesse. Soundstaging is pinpoint with width and depth.
There's no "tube magic," just music.

And the Zeus in triode mode is driving Thiel 2.3's, so that should tell you something about its power.

With these speakers, I went from a Bryston 4B-ST to a Plinius SA-102 and then the Rogue and have never looked back.
Im glad you like it. I rolled Black plate RCA, Clear tops,
Ect. One interesting aspect of its performance was the huge diffrence between Hi Z and Lo z rca inputs. the balanced Z is ran thru a transformer that really opens up soundstage almost to a staggering level. The Zeus will work best with brite sounding speakers. HiFI news Did an in depth review on the amp
I lost1 page if anybody would like the review I could fax it.
Type in Zeus on the forums here and see what comes up.
At one time in my room I had the Zeus, 150's 120mag.
Sold them in this order 150, zeus, 120. Then bought another 120.
In addition to these amps Ive had hurricanes, Vtl Mb450, Canary ca339, Music reference, cary v12 plinius, Threshold, krell Aragon, delta omegas crown. Ect.
With the zeus I was able to drive my system very had because of no harshness.