Rogue Magnum 99/ph vs PrimaLuna Pro3 vs AE PH-1?

Any thought?
Rogue Audio Magnum 99 with phono ($3000) vs
PrimaLuna ProLogue 3 ($1500) and Audio Electronics Audio Electronics PH-1 phono ($900), combined $2400
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Probably depends on your sonic expectations and the amp you are connecting the pre-amp with. I only know Rogue by reputation but own and use a Prologue 3. The Primaluna has a highish output impedence of 3500 ohms and requires careful amp matching, usually a tube amp which has a high input impedence will work well, and a SS amp with a high input impedence as well. The Prologue is reasonbly resolved with a slightly warm tone, but is not an old fashioned tube product. Without hearing the Rogue I don't know which I'd chose - what I've heard about Rogue in general tends me to believe I would find it cooler in tone at a minimum, but would really influence me would be its purchase to get a Phono stage. Unless its phono stage is very versatile, that is it does MC and MM and has the capacaity to match impedence and resistence issues required by cartridge choice (whcih changes from year to year :-)) I'd opt to get a line stage and add a phono stage so in the future I wouldn't need to get new electronics to facilitate a cartridge change. Don't know about the AE phono stage, I've never heard it either.

FWIW, probably not much.
You can usually get a Rogue Magnum 99 used for about $1400. and they're bulletproof with, dyanic sound and fantastic customer support.
I have the Prima Luna Dialogue II Integrated amp and the AE PH1 phono stage. It didn't sound good with it.....way too Tube sounding (if that makes sense). In short, it didn't sound real. The AE PH1 sounds much better with my SS Mac amp.
I got a Rogue Magnum 99 paired with the Rogue M-150's.The pre does not have the phono module but it can be added on anytime.The sound is excellent with great dynamics and low noise.I usually listen with the volume set at 11:00 o'clock, I also love the solid aluminum volume remote control that the Magnum 99 comes with.A highly recommended pre ,I have no experience with the Primaluna or AE.Rogue audio is a very customer oriented company.
I tried those two preamps on McIntosh 275 (with Klipsch LaScalar and Velodyne subwoofer) and Linn AV5105 (with Tyler Taylo 7U).
I felt Magnum 99 worked real nice with MC, both the CD and phono. The sound stage was wider, the base was deeper, and more clear and lively sound. PrimaLuna and AE were still nice but they fell behind the Magnum for both CD and phono.

On Linn, the difference was more subtle. The only thing I could really notice to tell was that Magnum was a bit warmer than PrimaLuna/AE. The dynamics and liveliness on MC/Klipsch could not be heard on Linn/Tyler.

More listening would be needed for final judgment, but Magnum seems to work better with tube amp. The price difference (new/old - $5000/$3000 vs $2000/$600) would also be a factor, and with better power amp it can really shine.