Rogue M150 vs. Conrad Johnson Premier 140

Hi all,

Based on previous advice, I have narrowed my amp search down to these 2 models. I currently have a set of M150's in my system, and they sound pretty incredible with my Tyler Decade D1's. Another A-goner mentioned the Premier 140 as another alternative, and there is a local seller with one, within driving distance.

Before I pull the trigger on keeping the Rogues, any ideas on how the Premier 140 compares?
the Premier is going to be warmer and rounder, less extension on the bass and treble, the rogues are going to be faster , with more bass punch. they are both great.
The Rogues can also be upgraded to M180's which are amazingly good amps. They replaced my JC1's and I feel like the bettered them performance-wise in pretty much every way.
OK, thanks. Sounds like Rogue may be the winner. Keeping them and upgrading them to M180's would be about the same price as the C-J unit. I will keep it in mind!
I've heard the M-150's (in our local shop) and the M-180's (I own a pair) and can confidently recommend the upgrade.