Roger Waters BACK with Pink Floyd??

I know this was discussed down below.
BUT the ONLY thing my local TV station
WGN channel 9 in Chicago said was that:
"Pink Floyd will be playing the Live Aid show".
That`s ALL they said.
SO, IS Roger Waters Back with Pink Floyd?
OR is this just a 1 shot deal?
OR is he NOT back with Floyd? And NOT playing the
show? Let me know. Thanks.
Yes he is back with the others.
Concert in London's Hyde Park July 2.
(Others planned in Paris, here in Berlin, Rom and one in the US.)
I don't know if this is a thing to rejoice now - thank God the Beatles never got together after 69!
On the other hand: PF isn't THE BEATLES.
So it seems. Coincidentally, I just read this ( before reading the thread...
Roger's back for THIS gig..I think it may be a favor to Geldof. I can't see him and Gilmour working together for more than maybe a few days!