The Wall: Roger Waters 2010

Many of you know that Roger Waters is doing a 100 stop 30th anniversary tour of The Wall this year.

Anyone been to the show yet?
I saw it last night in Boston. The show was excellent and the performance was even better. Well worth the price of admission.
I attended the second of three shows that opened the tour in Toronto. Absolutely one of the best concerts I have ever been to. His use of projections is both unparalleled and unique throughout the show. He was also able to fix one of the major problems with the original Wall shows performed in 1980, that being the band having to play behind the wall, out of view of the audience, for the entire second half of the show. Dates have been selling out quickly, and additional dates at certain venues are being added, if the show is coming to a venue near you, and tickets are still available I would pony up the cash and go. You won't regret it. Roger has gone on record as saying that this will be his final tour.
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I look forward to the show at Auburn Hill this Oct 24

Pink Floyd - sort of. I'm not a big tribute band fan. However, I make one exception. I'm going to see Aussie Floyd tribute band on 11/05 in CT. I saw them in 2007, 2008 too. Amazing show. They just about sell out a large venue each time they come around. Not Pink Floyd - Gilmore or Waters but still very well done. The musicianship is very good, and the video/light show is not too shabby either. I heard that Gilmore had them at one of his birthday parties. I'll be taking my 12 year old son to his first concert. Check them out if you have an opportunity. At $40 per ticket it's agood value.
I've seen APF twice at the Fabulous Fox in ATL.
The Cleveland, OH show was well worth the price of admission. The wife, not a big fan, said she'd go see it again. Mighty high praise IMO.
I was at Boston also and will go to Dallas show. My favorite album of all time represented in the latest technology video/light show. The band was pretty good, three guitarists to replicate Gilmour. 95% of Gilmour's musicianship. GE Smith was the lead of the three. Pretty impressive show where everyone I talked with felt we got our money's worth. Go if you can.

Rolling Stone mentioned that Dave Kilminster does the majority of the guitar work but maybe not what was played by Gilore?

I look forward to it either way...
I saw the Sunday night show in Boston. Waters gave 110% through the entire performance. His creativity and passion were without bounds. A must see whether you are a Pink Floyd fan or alternatively if you think something is not quite right with the world.

The only disappointments were the loudness in the high frequency range. I was one of the few in sight that was holding my ears. The low end was intense and welcomed but some of the highs (guitar) were extreme for the hall.

Also, there was too much trying to appeal to the masses through words on screens and suggestions. Could have done with a simpler performance.

Been to 16 Floyd/Waters shows and would recommend this to everyone. Very well done. Will go again. Awesome.
Where did everyone sit? Is there a prime seat location? I would think sitting very close could be a disadvantage for this show.
I'd say a prime seat is on the floor about 20 rows back. I've seen a few shows from here and would recommend highly.

I've also just shown up in Toronto or Phoenix, to get random seats, and had the best time ever. Seated off to right or left.

Even if you are way close up or upper tier on the right or left the show will go on. In short, whatever the venue, there is a certain common theme that is just beautiful.
10-09-10: Bjesien
I'd say a prime seat is on the floor about 20 rows back. I've seen a few shows from here and would recommend highly.
That's kind of what I thought. In LA, those seats are only available through ticket brokers, and start at around $400/ea.
...postscript...Ticketmaster has listed "Premium" tickets for sale, and I bought a pair of 23 row floor seats for much less than what the ticket resellers were charging for similar tickets. Looking forward to the show.
I just saw the show in Detroit and it was darn entertaining. The opening number is a hoot and there were about three highlights during the show where they really lit it up. The guitar work was excellent, I did not miss David Gilmore (though I have not heard him live before so do not know what I was missing)

The sound was very bass heavy but not too much high end so I did not need ear plugs (like I anticipated) the midrange tone was pretty good and the music sounded like the album much of the time. In other words a very good concert.

Also the graphics really added to the show and the high def images were terrific. Also, the use of the wall added to the experience.

Overall everything about the show was spot on. I guess that is what Pink Floyd fans expect and Roger Waters delivered.


2 thumbs way up!
The sound was very bass heavy but not too much high end so I did not need ear plugs...
Philjolet (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)
Thanks for that information.

I actually bought two pairs of Etymotics "Baby Blues" earplugs for my wife and me because we are sitting in row 23, and because I damaged the hearing in my left ear at a show earlier this year (sat eighth row, and I did not plan ahead regarding earplugs...).
fwiw I was about 2/3 of the way back and half way up on the right side of the Palace at Auburn Hills, a venue that holds about 18,000 people.

Also at the end of the concert they played some bass tones that had to be in the 20hz - 30hz range, I felt them more than heard them, at a very loud, gut churning, level.

Roger pushed the limits of the experience...
Glad to hear more experiences. Philjolet, I remember seeing the Division Bell tour in Montreal sitting 18th row and Gilmore and band played Sorrow from Momentary Lapse of Reason. The bones inside my ears started vibrating and rattling around, and during the first few seconds in the beginning of that song, I thought I would not hear again.

I never put much though into the acoustics but I heard the most earth rattling and disturbing bass I'd ever imagined. I went to a couple of other shows on that tour and never had that rattling of ear drum bones again. Makes me wonder about impact explosions in the military.

There are still tickets out there folks. I'm not related to the band (wish I was) but scoop them up while you can.
Saw the show in Jersey. It was great. Highly recommended.
Good tickets were being scalped for under 40 bucks.
"Also, there was too much trying to appeal to the masses through words on screens and suggestions. Could have done with a simpler performance."Bjesien
Really? What a ridiculous observation.Could it be your political views did not match that of Roger Waters? Simpler performance??? The theatrics were mind blowing and made up 80% of the fun.
Dreadhead, my good frind Mike saw the show in NJ on November 3'rd and loved it.

Yeah, I agree fully with Roger waters and the political message but don't like to have one liners streamed in text trying to say how I should feel about something. Those texts, IMHO dumb down the performance aspect, or perhaps, and I hope, make the message more clear for lesser Floyd fans in the arena.

It's kind of like seeing a plastic "Buy local produce" bumper sticker on the back of a car. No shit, I think.

I agree the theatrics were awesome.
Anyone else visit outside the wall lately?
I went to the show at Madison Square Garden NYC about 8 weeks ago. What a phenomenal experience it was. There was simply so much to take in visually and audibly that if I could have I would have gone to the show again the next night. The quality of the audio was exceptional and the best I have heard in a stadium by some ways. The bass levels must have been sub audible as you 'felt' the sound. I'm pleased I took some ear pieces though as in the 2nd half a couple of the songs were played very loud. The projection quality was remarkable, the visuals fantastic and the props used in the show extra special. I liked the flying pig, the plane flying behind the stage and bursting into flames, the stormtroopers, etc. etc. I have been to a lot of live shows but this one probably is my favourite. Not for a moment would you believe that Roger Waters is 67! I actually thought he sounded better live than on recordings.... The only thing I missed was Gilmour playing...his 'stand-in' was just not the same. If you get the chance to attend this show I would not miss it.
I saw the show last night in Los Angeles. It was certainly a production worthy of the admission price...both visually and sonically. I can't remember a live rock concert that sounded as good.

Did it ever cross anyone's mind that Roger might have been lip syncing during any of the songs...particularly those that required him to hit high notes?

Just wondering...he certainly sounded like time had stood still.
Saw the concert here in Vancouver, BC.

Have to agree with all of what Fizztop wrote.

Best Rock concert that I have in a long time.
Visuals, puppets, props and the theatrics were first class.
Music was first class, we were up a bit and the music was never too loud.

Glad to have made it to this Epic event.
Glad to have made it to this Epic event

Wise man speaking here! Get tickets and go!

Tvad said:

Did it ever cross anyone's mind that Roger might have been lip syncing during any of the songs...particularly those that required him to hit high notes?

Hard to tell, but I thought it too. With all the technology at the finger tips these days, I bet bands use EQ via the microphone. I don't think he was performing anything like your all time favorite band Milli Vanilli. ;)

If you had a great time spread the word. We are often busy and miss too many of the good things in life.

Happy holidays Peace to you and yours.

Roger's tour has concluded in North America. It continues in Europe in March 2011.
Looks like the European tour kicked off in Portugal. I saw some clips of the Lisbon show and it looked great. They're playing in Spain tonight. I have family in England and hope to make one of the shows over the summer.

Anyone else going?
This is one of the most historic concert tours of our time. Go if you can.
Coming around again...
Getting real old.

Like watching "It's A Wonderful Life" every year.
Old like the rash under your n.ts! You can't compare this tour to watching "It's a Wonderful Life" every year.
You're absolutely right.

It's A Wonderful Life is much more interesting.

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Thanks for the insight. I guess I won't go.

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Concerts-Enjoy live concerts especially Pink Floyd/Roger Waters shows.

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