Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW

I’m consider one of these two speakers, the Rockport Avior 2 and the new Wilson Sasha DAW. My room is 19’ x 25’ with a 20’ ceiling, the room floor plan opens behind me into a kitchen and the rest of the house. I listen at low to moderate levels and usually have to supplement the bass with a sub because of the large space. I listen to jazz, folk, classical full orchestra some old classic rock on rare occasions. I’ve always like the detail of electrostatic speakers but they all have there limitations. Looking for a great all around speaker. I Enjoy both tube and solid gear, currently using solid state spectral. I Have several amp choices from Spectral and Rowland. Just wonder if anyone knows these speakers intimately and can give me some strengths of each and an opinion which you would choose and why. I’ve been researching many other speakers and have come down to these two. Thank you for your thoughts.
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Thanks guys. I’ve heard the DAW and the smaller Rockport Atria 1 but I don’t feel that was a fair comparison. Anyone out there heard the Avior 2 ?
What about the Rockport is better. I’m looking for some specifics if possible. 
I know this is personal preference I’m just trying to quantify what is being said. ie:  is one more natural, does on have a better sound stage, imaging etc. 
Thank you so much. That gives me a good idea of the two speakers. Much appreciated! 
Thank you sir. However I’m not rich. I’m driving a 2000 Toyota 4Runner so I can get these. Lol!!  Thanks for your input and other recommendations. I’ll look into it. 
Is it safe to say the Rockport is softer maybe a little less detailed and more forgiving than the Wilson Daw
Opposite side of the country from you  Smer319 I’m east coast. Have you compared the two speakers?. 
Btw I did have and opportunity to hear the Sasha DAW but the only rockport I head was the Atria 1. So really not a fair comparison I don’t think. 
Don’t worry I plan to hear them both first. Is one more finicky to set up?
My top criteria would be: 
1.  No brightness or harshness but very Transparent and detailed like an electrostatic. Great low level detail. 
2.  Tonal balance. Instruments to sound real with a great since of wood or string differences. Deep tight Bass
3. Pinpoint imaging and sound staging of electrostatic with top notch dynamics. 

Ive owned and enjoyed many electrostatics and other panels. Sound Lab, Quad, Martin Logan to name a few. Looking for all that wrapped in a nice dynamic bow speaker. Want to move up tho not over. 
Sounds like I’m getting that there are more responses favoring the  Rockport at this point. Maybe the Wilson DAW is too new yet. Or may it’s more preferred 😊   My decision is coming soon. 
Magico was on my list but a little too analytical i believe. Haven’t heard them but a friend of mine who likes them has described them to me.  I’ve heard the DAW and almost bought it but I was told at the price level the Rockport Avior 2 should be considered as well.  I do like the Wilson DAW a lot,  very smooth top end. No brightness but plenty of detail. 
I have spectral, Krell, and Rowland. Haven’t made my final decision but leaning toward the Wilson. Going back for another listen. 
Transparent, Cardas and MIT
Thank you. I hear they both need pretty good power to drive them. Also heard the Rockport may need to be out in the room a little more that the Wilson. Did you happen to notice that. 
If someone offered you the choice between the Rockport Avior 2 and the Wilson Sasha DAW and free of charge which would you pick? Also if you didn’t pick in three days you’d loose both what would you do? Which one ??
“Makes me want to listen”. I like that and I thinks that’s the key here. Regardless of all the technical data,  what sounds real or not. The bottom line is Do I want to sit in front of it and listen.  Who care if it’s accurate, extended etc. the Question is,  do I enjoy listening to it?  
I wonder if the Sasha DAW will make the cut in recommended components A class?  Amazing how many speakers are in that class A category
Thanks for all your input. After weighing all my research and listen with my own ears. I’ve decided to go with the Wilson Sasha DAW. Takes three weeks to get them.  I’ll keep you posted. 
What color now is the question. Narrowed it down to Black or Silver. 
Obsidian black, Desert Silver or Titan Red. Not sure which would hold its value better. Any suggestions?
Decided on the Sasha DAW. Obsidian black, Desert Silver or Titan Red. Not sure which would hold its value better. Any suggestions?
Obsidian black, Desert Silver or Titan Red. Not sure which would hold its value better. Any suggestions?
Between the Black or Silver what do you think would sell best
I’m sorry but what is “iirc” ?
I’m leaning toward tubes, at least in the preamp however I’ve heard them sound amazing with good solid like Pass Labs  or D’Agostino. I hear the Gryphon is another one.  VTL is supposed to be really good as far as tubes goes.