Am I crazy or In love? Tad R1 Vs. Rockport Altair


I have listened to the Tad Reference 1 at a time and was totally blown away.

I never thought of actually buying it, since it´s too much money and I am not made of money. However...I have gotten a change to buy a demo pair for almost halv price which is awesome, but still a lot of money. I figure this is THE chance for a speaker that will last my whole life I guess.

The Rockports Altair is another dreamspeaker which I haven´t listened to as of yet, but if anyone have heard them both and could shed some light on the differenceses, then I would be so greatfull.

I might be too crazy looking at these kind of hefty speakers.

If you have the chance, BUY THEM. You will not be disappointed. If the deal is good and you end up not liking them, which I do not believe, you can always re-sell them. They are superbly good. I heard a pair and was blown away.

I heard a pair of CR-1's.
I don't think you're at all crazy. If I had a chance to get a half-price pair of CR-1's, and could come up with the money, I'd jump on them. I was able to hear them quite well at RMAF '07, and didn't want to leave the room. I haven't heard the Rockports, but it's hard not to love the TAD's.