Rockport Atrias versus Revel Salon 2

Has anyone experience with comparing these?
The salon2 are power hungry but capable as any and the additional drivers will allow them to play louder without compression. a be tweeter and 5 titanium drivers will move some air.
Thanks Steve. Dynamics my require loudness - to an extent- so I appreciate your info. However my listening is at relatively modest level and clarity and nuance that will allow me to appreciate subtle details are main considerations. Do you feel one of them excels in that area?
I listened to the Salon 2s and felt the soundstage was really diverse. The off axis performance is sublime and play with almost no fatigue but I guess it require high listening volumes and that will be a problem in small spaces. Next stop is the Rockports that I heard were comparable to the Salons. The Ultima line will soon need a refresh however.