right integrated for my system?

I have a pair of Meadowlark Kestrals (hot-rods) and the new jolida cd player and would appreciate ideas for the right s.s. integrated (around 1k used or new)) to round out the system- medium sized room- acoustic music is the emphasis-
thanks in advance-Adam
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A YBA integre if you want a good deal of power, a Linn majik if you don't want to disturb the neighbours.
Hi, Wombat:

The good news is that you have some very good choices in integrated amps today. The units that I recommend for your consideration are the Creek 5350SE, the Bryston B-60, the Arcam Alpha 10, and the Musical Fidelity A300. (Each of these integrated amps has a MSRP of around $1500, but you should be able to buy them used for around $1k or slightly less.)
The Audio Refinement The Complete would do you just nicely. I think you should really give it a listen. About 550-600 used on the 'gon.
Audio Refinement.
Creek 5350SE
Meadowlark Kestrels love amp with somewhat "plump" bass. If you can find Sonic Frontiers Control-1 with Kt90's you will be one lucky dude. Tubes, always go with tubes!
If you want to hear acoustic music reproduced well, then no solid state integrated amp in your price range will probably work. During the past year, I have owned both an Audio Refinement Complete and an NAD C350 and have recently gone back to tube separates. I didn't spend alot. I got an AMC tube amp and a Quicksilver LS for a total of around $1,300. This combination easily beats both integrateds in transparancy, soundstaging, timbral accuracy, dynamics, etc. On acoustic music, the performance gap between tubes and solid state is huge. I could have come closer to spending $1k if I had gotten an AMC preamp. I have also heard your speakers sound good with a VTL tube integrated. I don't recall the model# but it had 85wpc. For whatever reason, AMC stuff has been overlooked by the marketplace and there are some good buys available on it. Probably not as well made or overbuilt like some gear.
Musical Fidelity A3 is nice,but I didn't like the matching A3 CD.
I second the YBA Integre DT.