Rewiring a Well Tempered tonearm- thoughts?

I've owned a Well Tempered Turntable/tonearm since 1991. I set it aside in 2000, and just began to use it again, but I've discovered some age related issues. First and foremost, I need to replace the fluid that damps the tonearm. No issue there, but I'm going to have to address the tonearm wires. They've all faded, and were significantly abraded/broken between the tonearm and the RCA outputs. I have a source for some super-litz wire, but have not bought any yet. Has anyone taken on a project like this?
there are kits out there that rewire the tonearm by running the wires on the outside of the arm. I would think this is a good idea by bypassing the old wire and not upsetting the enternal damping of the arm.
Yes, Schipo is correct. Cardas makes kits to re-do the arm.

Quite an improvment over the stock wire. There are also a few companies that will do it for you if you do not wnat to tackle it yourself.

The other advantage of running tone arm wires outside the arm aside from the logistics is that you can minimize the effect of the arm as a dielectric, especially if you are using minimal dielectric wire. I recommend using the thinnest purest solid core wire you can find. I use 46ga. Acrotec 6n copper from Michael Percy Audio. It's VERY thin and hard to work with but worth it, and better than the Cardas IMHO. If you're handy you can do it yourself, but it helps to very carefully sand the tips of the ends with 600 grit sandpaper before trying to tin it.