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The Soliloquy 6.5 is a wonderful window into what the audio world needs, quality. The more I listen to these speakers the more I like them.

I have been going back and forth between the tube (p2000t)and solid state (p2000b) Marsh preamps, which are amazing in their own right, and the 6.5 is neutral enough to allow all of the character inherent to each preamp speak so clearly. The tweeter and midrange driver are crossed over very nicely. This is the best part for me. The detail in Mark Knopfler's stratocaster and Joni Mitchell's voice was enlightning. I found detail and nuance I hadn't heard before at the $6000-6500 price range.

The bass quality is worthy of note. The deepest basslines and organ tones were reproduced solidly and with a high level of detail.

The Soliloquy 6.5 is definately worth checking out. It represents a great value when considering that it keeps up with the likes of Wilson, Aerial, JM, etc... If you think that last statement was bold.....go hear the 6.5!

Associated gear
Marsh p2000t tube preamplifier,Marsh p2000b preamplifier. Marsh a200 stereo amplifier, Krell DVD standard, Krell KAV cd player, Audioquest cables
Just picked up a used set don't believe original owner has gone fully through break-in yet. I have heard a friends set go through this lengthy break-in process easily 500 plus hours of play time with marked improvements over the entire
time.What I am hearing initially is impressive in my room
which admittedly is "to small" 12 by 20 firing down long wall 6 feet apart. You know what though they pull it of rather well IMHO.The trick I am using is running low end
via second pre-amp hence I can set lower bass levels.
I was worried this would produce mismatch at the upper
bass/lower mid hand-off so far great results, seems seamless
The room gains the bottom end some I imagine more posts as I learn and as they go through final break-in.
Lets start a discussion on Soliloquy 6.5 here please post your opinions!
clbeanz, I had pretty much the same speaker placement. My room is 11'x 21'. I had mine about 6' apart and I felt I was still missing something. Then I decided to mess around with placement. They are still as you say firing down the length of the room but I moved them 8' apart, about 4' into the room from the short wall and exactly 18 1/2" from the side walls pointed straight at me. The results were unbelievable! Talk about a cavernous soundstage and the imaging also improved greatly. Try it and see what you think.
My initial results when they were moved farther apart was
the larger main image.Trade offs appeared to be slight loss of pinpoint images within the mix.And the sidewall reflection took away that outside the speaker imaging I had before.I liked the larger central image but in details I ended up preffering the closer/nearfield setup.A friend has
a set in large room 20x30+feet 8 foot ceiling still.They are about 9' apart. They throw an image tall as ceiling wide as room,depth was ok not stellar.For lease killing levels his setup is great.Maybe I will retry your settings but sound treat side walls.
They stun me with the musicality in even the lowest octaves
I will never ever return to a single sub based system.
CD's to check out ;
Peter Gabriel"Up"
Steely Dan "Everything Must Go"
Bob Beldin "Black Dahlia"
Ginger Baker"Coward of the County"
I have had my "Sol's" for almost a year now. I have them paired with the Viva Aurora amplifiers. The 6.5s love tube amps and large open spaces. As you may know, the Vivas run at 22 watts per channel. My system cranks! They fill my listening room which is 30' wide and 15' deep. I have the speakers approx 12' apart (from about 8' prior). Increasing the width did increase the stage, with a little imaging loss, but not much.

I am mainly a vinyl guy, but the Sol's really bring out my digital. CDs sound nice, almost as good as my vinyl and, believe me, I have junk for digital (a Sony DS-7000, old DVD player with no a/d converter). My analog rig is much more extravegant.

I have found that dealing with the folks at Soliloquy to be a great experience. They are easy to get a hold of and do return calls promptly.

For the money, i think it is very hard to beat the 6.5s. I would like to see them get more press on the high end audio side. They seem to be grouped with home theatre crowd. This is a serious audiophile speaker.

Thanks, Derek
Anyone opened up a 6.5 ??
Wondering about replacing allen set wood screws with "T"
nutted threaded allen sets. All but the few that have grill holders.
I just got these 6.5s and what really amazed me was the imaging. They seem to do magic filling my larger room 20'X30'. I have lots of different speakers(Acoustat+,JosephAudioRM7,Silverline Sonatinas,Cybele)and none of these have produced the spacious sound like the Soliloquy 6.5.... Of course a $6k speaker compared with the others at $3k. The acoustics are fantastic the way the music blends creating a wonderfully vivid soundstage. I'm experimenting with cables & placement and looking forward to others to share their setup ideas.
Accuphase IntegratedAmp, AZSatori Cables, ClasseCDP.3
I have the Soliloquy 6.3's, couldn't afford the 6.5 but what a nice speaker. I'm looking to do a speaker cable upgrade from the MIT Terminator 4. I currently biwire with 2 sets. What are you using for speaker cables for the 6.5's. Biwiring them?

Boss302, I use Kimber BiFocal XL on my 6.5s. A very nice cable - neutral and dynamic.
Nighthawk, I've read alot about that cable. Wonderful cable but a little over my price range right now. Good to see that you are biwiring. I had a chance to listen to some PAD Museus shotgun biwire. I've got a lot of listening to do ;-)