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I'm currently living in Berlin and heard of this manufacturer "Schnerzinger audio Kabel" and their molecular processing in the local highend scene.

What I heard sounded not real. Two guys I met in a local hifi shop bought this Schnerzinger cable, partly just their smallest ones, even before they could sell their old ones costing nearly as much as a car (like mine).

The one guy recommended to take my current cabling with me and make a visit in Dortmund, so I didn't hurry with it, because it's not rarely to hear about fascinating new products to try out, but I drove there, during my next business trip to that region.

I met Dirk from Schnerzinger Audio, who's a really nice and relaxed guy with a sence of knowledge, what would happen during the next 2 hours.

What I first saw in their listeing room was really big highend, speakers and amps of different brands that you can't find anymore in normal high end shops. Must be at least two hundred thousand $ in that room.

We first listened to the system and cabling there.

To make it short: what I heard was not from that world. I sat there looking at Dirk, shaking my head and unable to speak someting that made sence.

I never heard music like this before. So much more room, atmosphere and realism than anything I ever heard! Dynamic like hell, and so natural sounding. I wanted to hear one kind of music after another to experience this performance at different music styles and at the same time I wanted to stop this to be able to listen at home again, realizing, that it would probably be like going back to grammophone.

But I remembered I was there because of cabling. Dirk had his X-5000 cabling connected, which is still very expensive, but costs a third of my current cabling. So I was confident, that my cable would not make it worse, probably the whole equipment there was simply better than mine.

He just changed one interconnect to mine - and the room and atmosphere - and everything else just collapsed to what I knew so far. I couldn't believe it. Dirk said, it has nothing to do with my current cable brand. They are top (normal!) cable and that this effect happened with every cable brand that he and his customers tried in comparison, no matter what cost. I had a look at some cable he had as trade ins and knew what he meant.

Not prepared to buy new cabling, I asked if I could try out, what happens in my configuration at home and he gave me just one set of RCA for Berlin to test it.

What I heard at home was such a big step in the direction I heard at Schnerzinger audio, that I was unable to listen again without that cable althought I also was really happy before. I couldn't believe, that this Schnerzinger Kabel will open up so much more than there was before, and that it's not only an effect within a specifically adjusted configuration in a show room. I'm just on the way to newly equip my whole configuration, and I can only recommend to everyone able to spend this money, to listen to Schnerzinger before making your decisions.

Associated gear
Magico v 3 Speakers
Pass xa 100.5 amp
Pass xp 20 pre
Einstein cd the source
Nordost odin cable

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I heard many of the big cable names
Schnerzinger still is like a secret to the high end market and this is a pity for all those high end guys who spend their big money for cables elsewhere. I'm happy about everyone to experience how superior Schnerzinger cables are and share this with the community like you and me do.

"Normal people" wonder why we spend so much money for cables. Cables do degrade sound significantly - in fact much more then we thought. Otherwise is not possible to understand why Schnerzinger cables can be be that superior.
Thanks for advice- The cheapest Schnerzinger Audio Kabel X-3000 is
already unbelivable!
Being a High-End afficionado since 20+ years I owned many different brands, they came and went in the course of the never ending search for the ultimate system. Whether it were Mark Levinson Amps or those from Nelson Pass, Naim and Linn, Hovland, Nagra (to name a few), I never really felt having reached the summit. Some my call it sick, those of you being in the same process know what I am talking about. When it came to cables I always refrained from searching a compromise. At least this is what I thought before I met Dirk from Schnerzinger approx. 2 years ago. All my "goodies" from Nordost, Kimber, Cardas (and others) were lying around in his impressive show room ready to be used for comparison. In the majority I listen to Vinyl as this is the top medium for me after really checking out some of the most freakingly expensive digital sources some guy create a hype of. I was after Phono Interconnects when I came to Dirk and I went with my first pair of Schnerzinger's. While driving back I thought I might have made a mistake as my system was slightly different to the ultimate beast Dirk has sitting there. Back home I gave the cables 2 hours of breaking-in and then sat back to listen to Mercury SR-90226 (The Firebird), one of my all time favorites. It might sound a bit confusing when I tell you I stood up just 1 minute after sitting down to check whether everything is o.k. with my system because what I heard was so much different to what I knew before. The quiet opening sequence spread much wider, I heard the air vibrating and felt sitting right THERE in a recording session merely 50 years ago. It was shocking. I looked at my hyper-expensive cable array I had been so proud of before and I became angry. I called Dirk and dicussed the next steps. I felt my purse growing thinner and thinner but I knew there will be no way back. Never. Within the next few months I got a second pair of Audio interconnects (I have 2 turntables of which one is equipped with a Lyra Helikon Mono cartridge), RCA-Interconnects (between my Ayon Shperis Pre-Amp and my active speakers), another RCA interconnect (from my Resoltuion Audio Cantata to Ayon Spheris), an XLR-Interconnect (from Ayon Spheris to my Stax SR-007 Mk.II) and finally Schnerzinger's power installation. I do not regret any of these purchases as these cables brought me to the heart of the music. I do not listen to bass, treble and midrange any more - I do not try to find out about any merits of a recording. The interaction between musicians, the snap, details, ambiance, panorama, pace and rhythm are just there - even on my worst recordings. I am here to tell you that you should think twice before you spend big $$$ in any equipment, especially in cables. If you can afford it, Schnerzinger is the way to go. These cables are so much better than anything I know that all the other brands, makes and models are just a waste of money. Period. I am still reading audiophile magazines but mostly for the information about new recordings (and old ones) only. While typing this I listen to a Re-Issue of Elvis' Golden records. Side 6, Track 2 is "Crying in the chapel". The voice, the choir, the room and its air make my crying in my listening room. There is no better compliment I can shoot towards Schnerzinger. The end of a very long road. Thank you guys so much!
Did you buy the cable and maybe others ? In which shop in Berlin did you meet the guys who bought the cable ?
Just spent an hour listening to the demo of the complete system with these cables. Whilst the system produced a very quiet background and some very pleasant sounds, it was best described as over polite. Sounds such as solo violin sounded devoid of air and lacked life.

Of course that may be other factors such as the room.

The staff really were not too helpful and the guy doing the demo really didn't seem to know too much about the philosophy of their cable design.

So, interesting but from that demo, no interest for me.
Althoug Schnerzinger cables are extremly musical they are by far the fastest and the most neutral and precises cables i know.
But you are right i heard the demo too and found the sound also not good. But you should know it was not the demo of Schnezinger, Schnerzinger just gave their cables to the speaker company who made the show. And the guys could not answer my questions to Schnerzinger cables either because they did not belong to Schnerzinger they belonged to the Speaker company.
They guys told me that the room was terrible and that the voltage dropped down to 215 volts that day.

After a lot of experiments before i am so happy with these cables.
Thanks for the background information. Maybe I should give them another listen.

Even so it is surprising that the manufacturers allow their cables to be showcased in a poor system. It is not exactly a professional approach.
I run a complete Kondo system, including the top range Kondo cable. I have spent the last few years very intense with a variety of accessory products to optimize my HiFi system. I have also tried a lot of different high-end cable manufacturer, but in my all Kondo chain, no cable could surpass this homogeneity of the Kondo cables. by the Fair report of the Absolute Sound from the Munich Show 2014, where the rated best sound of show system was cabled with Schnerzinger products I became aware on Schnerzinger cable. After I have run this for a week in my system, I have to say that I am thrilled.
Thus, a gain in Naturalness, Definition, Vibrancy, and Precision I have not thought possible. especially this lifelike and vivid representation of spatial information I've never heard of this quality.
For this reason, I can confirm the euphoric posts here regarding Schnerzinger.
Very interesting reading.
Thanks for the post.
In my opinion the Schnerzinger products are among the most important audiophile innovations of the last 20 years.

Here the excerpt of my report, that I've already posted 2 years ago in the What's Best Forum:

The Schnerzinger Kabel performance cannot be compared to any other cable i know. From my experience with these cables i can truly say "The improvement you can reach with a whole Schnerzinger cable set up is far behind imagination", but for getting the "Magical" it is important to run a whole Schnerzinger set up. You may have big improvements by changing a single cable but at the end you need a whole Schnerzinger set up. Like you said, they are expensive but compared to their performance they are reasonable but i promise you, when you start using Schnerzinger you have to go the whole way.

I say this because after an in home demo i thought i only have to buy one XLR X-5000 cable to be satisfied. After over 3 month waiting i got the cable and i was so happy what it did with my system. After 4 weeks i ordered the next XLR X-5000 and my system was making music and not hifi anymore. This was a huge step and i felt like i was on drugs. But from this point i felt and knew that i had to go the whole way.

Now with a Schnerzinger speaker cable, a whole Schnerzinger power distribution system - Innovator and Cleaner- i am at the end of the road. I never thought before that a recreation of a recorded "Music Event" is possible. It is impossible to imagine what happens to my system with these cables without having heard it. BUT- it was also a huge financial step too, which i did not planned to go. And that, i want to make clear: You cannot stop when you start with just one! Schnerzinger cable. I know an audiophile knows this because it is always that way. But here it is different, because the steps are huge, even compared to changes of components like amps, front ends etc….

At "" you also find some interesting facts about cables in general.