Review: McIntosh MC-275 reissue Tube amp

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1st off I listen to regular cds and lps,mostly medium rock/light to med jazz and female vocalists. I have had the Mac MC 275 about 2 months now and quite simply it is a killer...I use it with Khorns and dynamic speakers (linn Ninkas and B&W bookshelfs) sounds great on all me it is all about tonal balance and being musical...let me define...the more musical the gear is the more you want to listen to Music...period. This amps sings and quite frankly I dont want to turn it off....Most systems will sound bright after hearing this amp...I find it warm but open with a nice sense of sparkle that makes it so engaging even at very low levels. I have used it with Mac C2200,VTL 2.5 and even a Linn Wakonda (solid state) worked well with all three...Just a great amp, not the last word in amps I am sure,maybe not the deepest and tightest bass etc...also not the last word in price either..not by a long shot. Just had so much more to the music than the Audio research VS55,at 3500 it is a true value in hi end audio....well done MAC.

Associated gear
mac mc 2200,VTL 2.5 Linn wakonda/Linn lk100 Vtl ST 85

Similar products
VTL, Audio Research,Bryston,Linn.Naim
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Hello: pehaps you can guide me a bit. I own quad 988's and currently use the quite good and the undervalued quad 99 electronics. (ss) i am considering the mac 275 and c 2200. I ave neve owned tube gear. ( A Naim user going back quite a few years). I have heard the ARC gear and one or two pieces of CJ gear and am considering the Quad monoblocks which do not have the wattage at any rate of the 275. Can you enlighten me? Thanks,

I own the McIntosh 2102 tube amp. Wonderful amp. Oh, McIntosh amps respond well to tube rolling.
hello its funny, i have had the small quad amp and have owned a fair amount of naim gear...I just find I like the Mac gear much better...the 2200 with the 275 is a great match..probably will drive most speakers...but not all.

I find Mac gear just so fun to listen to...very musical, because it makes me want to listen to music and buy more cds. I know there are other good brands out there...but for money you cant go wrong with Mac.
SHB, The 275s can be used as mono amps which will take them to 150w per side. That should drive most speakers with no problem.
in any incarnation, the 275 is an amp for the ages