Review: Martin Logan Request Speaker

Category: Speakers

Used mostly for smooth Jazz & home theater. The quality of sound overall is the most important with smooth transistion between the highs & base. This speaker has been my system for around two years and I just love them. The sound stage is great when these speakers have the correct positioning. The tough part, which I enjoyed, was tweaking them to get things perfect. They have a small window of perfect sound, so when watching movies only two positions, do hear everything without loosing performance. The way around that is to have a great center channel speaker, that matches the ReQuest's.

Associated gear
VTL MB450 amps
Lexicon DC 1
i have the quest z ML i enjoyed them, if you want them
to really shine in my experience i rewired them with
siltech,but of course you will be losing warranty,to me,
it works, they are very transparent,with live presentation,
i bought andra use i still miss the ML of course when
i played the andra they did not have the right amp,my
plinius left chanel blew up,even though i still have
to work hard to find the right amp for this andra,with ML
instrument they sound like real, i heard the sound lab
a week ago,i dont think iam losing a lot with ML, dont
forget the sound lab are connected with arc vt 200 monos,
and good cd player better than mine.