Review: Lessloss Filtering Power Cable Power cord

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Well this is my first review in a long time and the first one since I published on the Resolution Audio Opus 21. Well this is another defining product for me. It is the Lessloss filtering power cable. I compared this power cable to two other cables, the Stealth (forgot the model name but it is a $500 cord) and the Virtual Dynamics Power One.

I conducted all analyses on my amplifier of choice, a Pass Labs X250.5. Compared to the Stealth cable the Lessloss was stunning. There was a significant increase in focus. Each vocal had a more defined image and there seemed to be a haze removed from the upper frequencies. The soundstage increased in width and depth significantly and the background was dead quiet compared to the Stealth. Dynamics and contrasts were night and day between the two cables. In terms of tonality this is where this cable shines. Like any upgrade in a system when you add in a high quality piece you begin to feel the music, can feel the woody tones body of the sounds. Well the Lessloss cable had this in spades.

Compared to the Virtual Dynamics the outcome was closer, but I would have to give the final nod to the Lessloss. Both cables were able to add the body and tonality to the sounds in a soundstage; however it is in the bass, depth and background department where the Lessloss really shined. The bass was more defined and articulate through the Lessloss cable. Not that the VD was bad, just that the LL was that much better. In addition to an added focus to the soundstage the background was absolutely dead quiet and almost eerily so. The cable was just more musical when I am pushed to come up with one word which describes it. The ability to blacken the background, focus the soundstage and add tonality and textures makes this the best power cable I have tested.

I look forward to using this cable throughout my system.

Associated gear
Raysonic CD168, CEC transport and Lessloss DAC 2004
Pass Labs X2.5 Preamp
Pass Labs X250.5
Proac D28

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Nice review, thanks, I'll have to check 'em out.
BTW, is that the hired help holding the power cord in the photo?
The cord would be more impressive if you had a girl in a bikini holding it. :-0

Thanks for the compliments John.


Yes compliments. I was also just having a bit of fun as well.

Who's the Dimwit in the photo?( just kidding). I too would like to see the girl in a bikini holding the cord for you. It might persuade me to try the cord out. But seriously, I'm glad that you like the new power cord. Have fun enjoying your new music.
How much?