revel salon2 room size


i am thinking of buying revel salon2 or B & W 802d and was wondering if any other users have thoughts on how big a room should be to accomadate this speakers.

my room is
14 feet (width) X 26 feet (length) by 8 feet Height???

any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Well, I have had both the 802d and the Studio2 in my room which measures 14.4 x 26 x 8 and is open to a foyer and dining room. Give or take personal preference, construction and room treatments, it is similar to yours, so my comments may be useful:

You have a pretty decent-sized room and a lot of cubic feet. The question is not whether the B&W's would work in a room of that size (definitely yes), but whether you might have a problem with the Revels. Again the answer is yes - the original version of the Salons has prodigious, extended bass due to the greater cabinet volume and can be hard to integrate, but the Salon 2 uses a smaller cabinet and is less extended, making it an easier fit. In my opinion, it is too bad Revel didn't just put the beryllium tweeter on the original Salon (thereby combining the bass and looks of the original with the air and sparkle of the beryllium tweeter).
The 14' dimension is a bit narrow, but I think it will work OK. You won't have the widest stage in the world, but I think you'll be in good shape as long as you get them away from the front wall.
Consider the Studio2, I don't think you'll give up much in the mids and high end and you'll be less likely to overpower the room on the low end. My room is a loft with 14 foot ceiling, about 35 feet x 40 feet. The studios pressurize the room just fine and are totally involving to listen to. As they say in the press, highly recommended - and you'll save several dollars over the Salons. Put the extra $ into electronics as a good preamp and amp are must-haves. See Kal's reveiw for more superlatives.
thanks for your thoughts
they are helpful
Personally, I would get the Revel Studio2's and put them fairly close to the long wall. Move them out as little as necessary to get the sound you want. If I remember correctly, the Revels have an adjustment to compensate for room boundaries so you should be all set. I think the Revels are a better value and I prefer them. If you can, audition both in your room, but I think the Studio2's will probably integrate better.