Revel Gems v1 vs Krell Lat 2's

I am looking at getting a pair of monitor speakers for my system. My budget is $3000.00 to $4000.00. I have been looking at the Revel Gems version 1 and the Krell Lat 2's for awhile now and I cannot decide on which to purchase. I have read just about everything available on them but that only gets you so far. Never having heard the Krells and only trying to remember what the Gems sound like from 8 years ago is difficult. I would greatly appreciate any advice from the Audiogon crowd regarding these speakers.

My system for running the speakers will be:

Harman Kardon HK990 Integrated amp. 150/300 watts 8/4ohm.
(This Integrated sounds better than some I have owned at twice the price)

Harman Kardon HD990 cd player

Kimber Kable Monocle XL speaker cables
Kimber Kable PK10 Palladian powerkords

Furman IT-Reference 15 power conditioner.

I would also consider the Totem Acoustics Mani-2 signatures and the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's.

Hello Brandon ... Out of the speakers you have mentioned , I would go with the Gems , 150watts would be about right for them . They would be a bargain at the price you mentioned . They have a very detailed sound , if the rest of your system is not right you will hear it right away , you may have to change some things to make them happen . Second choice , and probably easier to make sound right ( out of your choices ) , would be the Auditiors . They have a warmer , more relaxed sound . The Totems have the biggest bass , if your into that , not the best , just the most . Good luck . Let us no how you make out .
Did you not like the Studios you purchased earlier this year ?
Hello Brandon,
I own a pair of the lat-2 -- they are great speakers and I have no problems with the sound. They will give you a great clean sound (not missing a thing) and can be played louder than most speakers (If you need loud) -- Their solid machined enclosures are remarkable . I won't tell you (or argue that they are better than all your other choices) but they are very very good speakers. The thing about them is they do not produce very much bass (As Krell designed them)-- you will need a very good subwoofer with them, but their sound is world class (hard to beat) -- you will suffer from nothing except the lower bass region (I'am guessing around 80hz and below, even though Krell list it at around 48 hz--)but Monitors (all you have listed will require a subwoofer) are great for smaller spaces. The krells will fill even a large room with great clear sound whether its rock, classical, jazz, or hip hop -- as long as you have a great subwoofer and associated electronics upstream.
I would choose the Krells again over all the other monitors just because of their sound and build quality -- I use a JL Subwoofer with my pair. My other electronics consist of Krell KPS-28c player; Krell KCT Pre-amp; and Krell power amps (200c and evo 300) all cast system. I think your harmon kardon is definately a great choice for the electronics and with the Krells you would do well (You can build on these with your other components and know your speakers are not the problem for better sound)-- I also will say the revels are just as good if not better in the lower regions -- I love Revel products -- I don't think you have made any bad choices, I will agree with the other gentleman about his observations(Tmsorosk). At least you are asking -- Great Conversation topic.
One more thing about the Krells I have noticed -- I generally need to listen to them a little louder to get the disappearing effect/full sound stage/depth intergration -- Low level listening/Late night volume is not a strong suit for these speakers they do need a little power to come to life but when they do -- you are at world class sound.

A little note I have a sony es receiver I hooked up to the krells and they drive the speakers fine but I do notice a litte "sizzle" at the top end on certain recordings -- I know its the receiver (sony es 120 watts)not able to reproduce clearly the top end of what the krells are capable of producing. (with my krell system I hear eveything). I like Harmon Kardon better and do believe your receiver will be able to reproduce the sound better over the whole frq range than the Sony es.

My points about the krells -- Need a subwoofer and need a little volume for them to come to life.
Hope this helps
Thank you for your comments. I have actually not purchased the Studios due to I cannot find the right color combination for the right price yet but as soon as I can find what I am looking for I will purchase the Studios.
Thank you for your comments. They were very helpful. I now have a much better understanding of what I can expect from the Krells. I know that the speakers I am currently looking at are going to be the strong point in my system but I am very curious about how the Harman HK990 will perform with such high end speakers. I plan on purchasing a Rel sub with either speakers.

I know that most people are unfamiliar with the HK990 so I am going to post the specs and info off of the Harman Website.

Audiophiles everywhere, meet your next object of desire.

As the most powerful stereo-integrated amplifier ever to carry the harman/kardon® name, the HK 990 captures listeners’ attention – and how could it not, with its expectation-defying 150 watts of power per channel. And even though the HK 990 may amaze some with its musical prowess, make no mistake: Its power is highly refined, and it can handle the most demanding loudspeaker loads with the greatest of ease.

As a complement to this muscularity, the HK 990 also boasts an impressive list of advanced performance features, such as fourth-generation Real-Time Linear Smoothing (RLS IV), EzSet/EQ for room optimization, dual subwoofer outputs and a high-current, ultra-wide bandwidth design for clear sound and more precise imaging. And that’s only the beginning. In its quest to overachieve, the powerful HK 990 takes additional strides in the area of versatility, offering six analog stereo audio inputs and four digital inputs to ensure optimal compatibility with various signals.

Superlative two-channel music reproduction is one of the toughest challenges for any audio component. In this regard, the HK 990 offers you a superb blend of irresistible features destined to win the affections of the most discerning of audiophiles.

Description Integrated Amplifier
Power (FTC)1 2 x 150W @ 8 ohms / 2 x 300W @ 4 ohms
HCC (Amps) ±200
Ultrawide Bandwidth @ 1W (+0, –3dB) 10Hz – 170kHz
Discrete Amplifier Output Devices Yes
Signal-to-Noise Ratio IHF-A (–3dB) 109dB
EzSet® Capability EzSet/EQ™, 2.2-channel
Audio Inputs 8
Tape Monitor Loop Yes
Phono Input Yes, MM and MC
Digital Audio Inputs (Coax/Optical) Rearpanel 2/2
Processor Input Yes, 2.2-channel
Balanced XLR Inputs Yes
HRS-Link Yes
Digital Audio Output (coax/optical) Rearpanel 1/0
Preamp Outputs Yes
Subwoofer Output Yes, dual
Power Consumption (Watts) 800W max
IR-In/Out Jacks Yes

Oh and by the way.....just by adding the Kimber Kable PK10 Palladian powerkords it is a night and day difference over the stock. It truly makes this $2600.00 integrated sound like a $5000.00 to $6000.00 integrated.
Brandonosman .. You stated in 2 other posts that you had purchased the Studio 1s and were looking for amplification for them . Now your saying you didn't purchase them and are looking to find them in the right color . Yet in this post you are looking for two way speakers . Please explain .
Tmsorosk, When I had posted a question in the past about a speaker that I was INTERESTED in purchasing I usually did not get the responses that I wanted. They were usually "you should purchase these other speakers" or "I recommend that you look into those speakers" and had nothing to do with the question I asked at all. So what I found that worked for me was to state in the post that I had already purchased said equipment. With that stated in the post people do not try to pursuade you to purchase other equipment and actually answer the question you asked in the first place.
I can understand what your saying there , isn't it interesting how when you ask about amplification for a given speaker , folks will chime in telling you to sell your speakers first , and buy the one's they own , even if there total wrong for you . You didn't handle it the way I would have though , you have to sift through the posts and use the useful ones and chuckle at the rest . Happy listening .
i haven't heard the lat 2's, so can't make a direct comparison to that speaker, but i prefer my gems to all the monitors i owned previously - wilson, green mountain, gallo...