Revel F52 vs Paradigm Signature S8

Has anyone compared the Revel F52 vs Paradigm Signature S8.I have NHT VT-2 speakers and looking for speakers that are a little less bright sounding.
Two good speakers you are looking at there. I much prefer the Sig8 of the two. Not sure you are going to get away from the "bright" sound, though.

If I may, here is another option you might consider, the Dynaudio Focus 360. A very nice full-range speaker that also has Dynaudio's magnificent Esotar2 tweeter in this model.
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hi, the revel f52 is much better than any paradigm. the sig 8, or any paradigm is a brighter more forward sounding speaker. the revel is much better balanced with more realistic timbre thanthe sig 8 , both throw a big soundstage with the right gear. the revel has a much better intergrated tweeter mid than most speakers out there, regardless of cost, it sounds more like a planer or point source in that regard. it also has better resolution than the sig8. has the poster who says that he likes the sig8s better actually heard the revels ? is he a dealer for the sig8s. if he likes them better , why ? you should listen to them both on a wide range of gear. good luck, chrissain
I was in this exact situation until a few days ago. If you read on the websites for revel/paradigm, the revel appears to have better specs. But if you read on many of the review websites, the paradigms have better freq response.

The paradigms also have the be tweeter which throw a great soundstage, larger than the revel imo.
The revels will go a bit deeper than the paradigms for bass.

I highly suggest you listen to both, I liked the paradigms more.
This opinion is for the benefit of others A-goners assuming that Tgp5audio has made a speaker decision by now. I own the Signature 8 v2 speakers (w/ Be tweeter). I have NOT compared the S8 to the other speakers mentioned above. FWIW, I love my Signature 8 speakers. The bass is very tight and has quite a bit of slam, with a little help from the Paradigm Signature Servo subwoofer.

I do not find the Signature 8 speakers to be bright at all, if anything, the opposite. However, that could be because I drive them with ARC tube equipment all around. Room placement is very important.

I recommend a listen. The newly minted V3 is out. I understand that it is 3db more efficient (rated at 92db sensitivity) than the V2, which means, if I understand the "techno-buzz," the new V3 plays twice as loud for the same amount of power. But who really cares?? The V2 sounds great, IMO, and I can't crank up the volume any higher without hurting my ears and cracking the drywall in my basement from the Servo Sub!!

Maybe I should pull this post. It doesn't seem that the Paradigm Signature line gets a lot of attention from A-goners. If the Signature 8 becomes popular, the prices may go up (sic).