Retailer in Austin, TX

I am looking for to make an investment in a 2-channel system that will be used 75% music 25% home theater; I live in Central America so there are no options here. I have trip planned top Austin,TX in a few weeks and would like to look at some equipment options. I am nor opposed to looking at used equipment. My budget is $10K-15K.
Any one any good places in Austin to look at equipment?
Whetstone Audio and Audio Systems come to mind. Both have websites. Whetstone is near downtown. Audio Systems is more central Austin.
My favorite is Audio Systems

Whetstone is small but good stuff

I've never been to A&B but I have heard of it

If you want to go to Ne Plus Ultra you'll need to make an apointment

Modia, AKA The Home Theatre Store

Good luck, have fun in Austin 'cause it's a blast if you let it.
Thank you everyone..!!
Hi, I'll reccommend Ne Plus Ultra posted above. I've bought most of my gear there and he does have a few demo items. Best thing is his experience and system matching...a well matched system for 10-15k can sound amazing...

Good luck to you
Give Brian Kurtz of Sound Mind Audio a call to schedule a demo, 512-377-2834 or 512-922-6043, and tell him I said hi.

I agree with the recommendation of Brian Kurtz. A great guy, very knowledgeable, will recommend what's best for you not necessarily what's most expensive.
I called Brian and we had a great conversation; thank you for the recommendation.
I will second Jfrech. Call Casey and Ne Plus Ultra.
I would second the Whetstone Audio recommendation. I would be careful with Brian Kurtz. He is indeed a nice guy, but just be careful. I know several who had bad experiences with him, though he always blamed it on someone else. My own experience with him was fine, but I didn't buy anything.
Thank you for the heads-up.

I live outside the Country and have little time or experience in picking the right system. I an interested having an expert make the best selection based on their experience my needs and budget, etc. So I need someone who I can trust to make the right choices for me.
Is that Whetstone?
Interesting, in that I've never blamed anyone for anything. Ever. Not sure who you are Learsfool, but your information is inaccurate. I've had delays with wire transfers with Simaudio, and delays with Nottingham's distributor getting me product in a timely fashion, but that's about it. EVER. Sorry, but I heard about this thread and had to comment
Definitely ping John Prator at KCI Cable. Beside his cables he is quietly
building out a nice lineup of products like Pass, Tidal and other top shelf