Austin TX — February, 2009


It seems that there have been several failed attempts to get an Austin Audio Club up and running. I'm willing to give it another shot! Please post here AND message me privately if you're interested.
Man!!! I wish I was still in Austin, I would love to live there again someday...however, next time I would like to live on Lake Austin! Beautiful, just beautiful....
Wow, still only one response! Hello, hello??
REbbi - I am game!!

PM headed your way.
I might be persuaded. Live in La Grange and belong to the Houston Audio Society but it's a bit of a drive once a month.
There are quite a few of us here but I think that many of us just forget to check this area. We just had a little meet a month or so ago and hope to have another get together soon. Probably more Austin Audio-Nuts than you realize! Shoot me a pm when you get this.

I live in Austin - Definately interested
Soliver is the man when it comes to keeping track of and notifying everyone when a meet comes up. You should shoot him a pm so he has your contact info and he'll give you a shout the next time we all get together to spin a few. Hope to meet you soon!

Hello Rebbi,

I second that. Soliver is the keeper of the list. Some of us have been getting together regularly over the past few months.

I live in Elgin just east of Austin. I might show. When will you meet?
My name is matthew and i live in round rock tx . i would be interested .
I just passed my name along to soliver, and he said he'd put me on his list. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of y'all soon! :-)
Make sure that all of you contact Soliver and send him your contact info so he can notify you next time we meet. Hope to meet y'all soon!

I've been to a few events, not the least of which was Casey McCee's house/shop on 7th, filled with mega-buck toys. I brought some snacks and we had a good time. Another Austinite and Klipsch fan generously lent his house and equipment for a listening session a couple of years ago.
Seems like there's a fair amount of interest. What do we do?

I'd be interested in meeting up sometime.
Count me in also gents. Would love to gather and hear more gear and especially share thoughts on music.
Same here, count me in.
I live just north of Austin.
So, somebody needs to organize a meeting, probably at someone's home. I live in La Grange so I'm not that person. I belong to the Houston Audio Society but Austin is closer. HAS is very loosely organized and they like and keep it that way. They charge 20 bucks a year (voluntary!) and occasionally have reps and manufacturers in for demos. They also meet at dealers.

Step up.
Okay, folks, I'm willing to step up. Let me see what I can figure out. Stay tuned...
Just let me know when, where and I will show up.
I just sent Rebbi the contact list, so he can send out invites for whatever he decides to do.

I maintain a list of audiohiles in the area that have an interest in these sort of things. It has about 40 folks on it.

I am willing to share the list with anyone who would like to host something.

Finding more willing hosts is what Central Texas needs to make meets a more regular thing (perhaps once a quarter)

If you have posted here and never sent me an email to be added, please do so, as I can't get your email address from your post here.

I have hosted quite a few times in the past, but just recently moved and still working to get my system sounding great in the new space. Fortunately my new space should make for a much better host site than my old.
I am interested, too.

Soliver, I will send you an email with my email address.
I would be interested as well.
I'm getting the list together. In the mean time, please message me if you are willing and have the space to host a gathering in your home, and let me know what part of town you live in. I'm thinking a great turnout would be 20 to 25 folks.
I don't think I gave you my email. It is [email protected]
Even in Houston, 20 peeps at a regular meeting would be exceptional although the club keeps a pretty low profile. I would think 10 in Austin could be counted a success.
Count me in - I'mcin NW Austin.
I don’t mind having a few people over, but my room is limited in size to 3-4 people.

Just a bit more patience, please. I am working on securing a venue for a first meeting! In the meantime, please message me if you want to be notified of a gathering and either:

1) You are NOT on soliver's existing list, or,
2) You have not already messaged me.

FYI - There's the Lonestar Audiofest in Dallas in a couple of weeks, 14, 15, 16 May. I plan to go.

Anyone been there before?
I guess I have been out for a while, I'm back into Audio or more into HT actually, I met with a few guys some years back and it turn out nice. Are we getting something going again? Let me know. I'm upgrading part of my system right now, it should be done in a month or so.
Hello Pmc,

You would think that in such great city like Austin, “The music capital of the world” there would be a big audio group. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of people interested in audio but no urge to meet. You are welcome to come over for a listen. 2 channel only though. Can’t afford the other 3.1 :-)
Audio_builder - It's the *Live* Music Capitol of the World.
There's a big group all right, we just never seem to be in the same place at the same time.

I went over to someone's home a couple of weekends ago that I know from another (speaker-specific) forum, just 3 of us total. We listened for about 5 hours and had a great time. We plan to do another later in March at the other guy's house - I'll post then to see if anyone's interested (after I ask the other guy if it's OK, of course).

Just passing along some info:

Meet April 2nd from 4-6 pm at Audio Systems in Austin.
I am really glad that this is happening and I am going to do my best to attend!

I had tried last fall to get another meeting together. I had visited another, very high-end audio shop in Austin (that shall remain nameless) and they were NOT interested in hosting such a meeting. I then got busy with work and personal matters and just couldn't follow through.

I have a spreadsheet of names of Austin audio folks who were really into the idea of meeting, and I will pass this information along to them, too!

Good deal!
I will be there. I would be interested in getting together and listening to different systems.
I plan to be there also, looking forward to listening to some good music.
Yes , I will try and attend. Not a good weekend for me though.
I just found this thread and wonder if there was sufficient interest to schedule a future meeting. If so,I am interested.
The first meeting of the Hillcountry Audio Club was a blast. We had about a dozen folks there, crammed into the Audio Systems listening rooms and having fun. We listened to the Big Maggies driven by some gargantuan amp whose name escapes me at the moment. We also listened to Audio Systems owner Mark Lyons' "baby system;" amazing what under $1000 dollars will buy you these days. ("Friends don't let friends buy stereos at Best Buy.") :-)

The Club now has a rudimentary web site. See for more info and pics.

Next meeting is May 14th!
Hi Rebbi. Thanks for the writeup and for posting the pics. I wish I could have been there, and I have the next one on my calendar.
Good pics, thanks for posting.
Had a good time, looking forward the the Casa Tejas meeting next month.
I believe the amp driving the maggies was Sander's new ESL amp:
Is the next meeting still on for May 14th?
Yes, the meet is scheduled for May 14th at Casa Tejas, 1001 Green Downs, RR, TX at 4 PM.
TejasRichard is our host and is cooking at his place and a few of us are bringing the extras to compliment this.
The meet is focused on DAC's. Several folks from Audiokarma and Agon will attend and bring a DAC or two for the shootout.
Go to:
Later, Eponies54
I missed most of this, are these meets still going on??
Hmm, guess this "club" didn't last long either-bummer.
I will be interested let me know.

Hi Pete,

Guess this effort didn't work out too well. Darn, I asked to be put on their mailing list way back when but never got anything from them after that. Oh well, hard for any of us to get in contact now that there is now PM option here, hopefully they change that soon.