resonator guitar in burmester ads

Hey, can anyone tell me what kind of guitar is in the burmester ad? It was an advertisement maybe one year or so ago. It was a resonator style guitar and I think it was sort of blue in color. It was standing by a pair of the burmester speakers.

I have been looking for a really cool resonator guitar I know Dieter has some really cool toys and if this guitar is his ( I think he plays guitar )I think it might be a fun toy.

I have searched the internet and not just alot of info for res/dorbor's

Does anyone have some really cool music for the slide. Got alot ( zz top, robert johnson,foghat,) heard some rod stewart something about steel guitars and one song about a old wino that would play for drink and the kid sold soda bottles to hear him play. any help?

I like classic rock I may have missed and like that alt. stuff. But I really want to find a cool playing toy.

Do a search on for styles "resonator guitar" and it came up with slide guitar blues. Hope it will lead you in the right direction.
Check out Chris Whitley's "Living with the Law" and "Dirt Floor"
Sounds like the guitar could be a National. Punch up National Guitars on your search engine and check them out. Some of the best looking and playing resonators.