Burmester 001 CD Player vs Berkeley DAC

Has anyone compared or have experience with both the burmester 001 amd Berkeley dac. I listened to the berkeley and was very impressed with it. Tried it directly in to amp and despite some tradeoffs it was best directly in to my Burmester AMP. I am wondering if the 001 would have a synergistic effect with my burmester amp. I did have some concerns with the Berkeley having enought weight and it could use a little more focus. Not sure how much of the thiness could be due to the Linn CD player I was using for a transport. Speakers are Revel Salon 2's. There is a Burmester 001 for auction now which I would have to buy without hearing where as the Berkeley sounds almost perfect if I could get a little more fullness to it. I guess I don't know what I may be missing with the Burmester. Thought?