Burmester 100


Anybody using this phonostage? Have you compared others to this?

I need a good phonostage with XLR outputs

Appreciate your comments. Thanks
Nobody on Audiogon has tried this?
I demoed burmester 100 in my system. I am using Asr electronics. Asr phono pre is a very good and one of the most versatie phono. Ar ref 2 se, naim superline was eliminate against asr, by sonic base, but burmester 100 is belong to a better category. It is far more superior then asr, by sonic and versatily basis. It is walking on the neutral line but little bit closer to the analytical side. Highly recommended.
Looks like you have it figure out….

Enjoy the music.
Dear Altanpsx,
Thank you very much and I will take note of your comments! The Burmester 100 will cost me an arm and a leg for the full works... ;)
Hamburger it is really expensive, but şt has a volume control. It means you may connect to a power amp and voila, you have a complete system. Many expensive cables+pre amp gone, too much savings. One of my friend compare 100 with a Concert Fidelity pre amp(not the phono). He did not find a big sonic performance difference.