Resolution Audio Opus 21

Just got it yesterday. From the get-go it is very impressive. Right now, before breaking in, I am thinking this may be the best digital source I have ever heard.

A full review will be posted shortly once it breaks in. LOOK IN THE REVIEW SECTION of Audiogon

Stay tuned.
What other digital sources have you heard in your system? I am very interested in the Opus 21 and am curious to know what it's comparable to.
I will have a detailed review, but I have owned the following:

Marantz 63SE
Meridian 500 Transport + Monarchy 18B DAC
CEC TL2X Transport + Monarchy 18B DAC
Accuphase DP-65V

I have listened extensively to the following:
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MKII
Accuphase DP-75V
Marantz SA-14
Theta Miles

I am familiar with, but not intimately:
Levinson 39
Levinson Separates
Metronome CD2V
Platsolos, can you describe the differences between the Meridian and CEC transports you owned? Also, do you think you could have gone with a better dac thus your previos transport/dac combo would be better to compare with/against the Resolution Audio?

In short, the CEC was much smoother, more liquid, detailed, warmer-richer, less digital sounding than the meridian. The meridian was good, but was too 'digital' in comparison. The CEC actually managed to provide more detail, while sounding smoother and much much more musical. It was an amazing transport.

If I had gone a new DAC route, who knows? I contemplated the chord, kora, CEC DACs, birdland, levinson, ECD-1, Audio Aero. Problem is, it was going to be much more $$$ and I couldnt justify it. I run direct into my amp and have no preamp so some of these DACs required the purchase of a preamp and tons of cables.

The DACs in the opus are top notch and I would love to compare a complete high end 2 box to it, but honestly do not feel it would better the opus without going into major major debt.

Also, having the preamp, DAC, transport introduces so many variables it will make you crazy. Every cable makes a difference and makes room for error.
Platsolos, I totally agree having been the transport, DAC, preamp and various cables route myself. I now enjoy my Opus 21 directly into the amp as well. It's clean, clear and simple.