Resolution Audio CD50 or Wadia 831?

Need CD/Pre to drive Aleph 2. Understand Wadia 830 (to be replaced by 831 in Sept) has sufficient drive . Will RA CD50 successfully drive the Aleph amps?? Which is preferable? Thanks, folks.
The CD50 should work great.
I am driving the Aleph 2s with an 860x. I had to get inside and change the output voltage to the max to get the level I wanted. At the max setting the 860 won't drive my speakers as loud as the Adcom GFP 750 in passive mode! I also found that the sound was better with the 860 output voltage set to max as well. Carl seems so passionate about the CD50, that it's making me want to get one to compare to the sound of the Wadia. I would consider driving the Aleph 2s balanced as important as well.
Glad I've been so persuasive. I've not had the 860x in my system, so I don't know exactly how it would compare. I do know that i don't like Wadia's filter rolling off the top octave 3 dB.