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I have read past threads about the Resolution cd players and enjoyed them a great deal.....both the audio/sound input that people had to share...and the emotional outbursts! Not meaning to fan the flames....but,.. I have owned many cd players, transports, dacs and digital interconnect cables over the last few years (including ML-39, Sony Xa-7ES, Classe CDP-1, ARC CD-2, cd transpords and dvd transports feeding various Bel Canto...and the list goes on), and in the end result, the CD-55 is as special as people say it is.
Frankly, I'm tired of this whole thing. I think that if people like their products, then they should buy them. If they don't, then they should be avoided. One thing I will not stand for, are those individuals on here who are just looking to argue with me about this product line. I know what I hear, and I don't care what any of you hear...especially if you (or even your claims that the designer) thinks this product sounds better through a separate linestage. That's about as wrong as it gets..Sedond. And you haven't even heard the product, I bet......................................SORRY WHATJD, but I've been continually censored by the AG staff recently, because they are letting Sedond harass me, and are deleting my responses to him. They are also sharing private e-mail correspondence between Audiogon and myself, with Sedond. THIS POST WILL LIKELY BE DELETED, so read it quickly....
Man Carl, you sure let this puny liitle audio site get under your skin Enjoy the music Hope all else is well
Whatjd, Thanks for the post. I just took a CD55 home last night for a trial run. How long did you burn in your player? Since you've owned a number of top flight CD players, I'd be very interested to hear from you why the CD55 is special and how you would compare it's sound to the other players. For Carl_eber, Your admission that "I don't care what any of you hear..." leaves me wondering why any of us should care what YOU hear.
I have had excellent responses to questions I have posted on AudiogoN, and in turn have tried to give poeple my thoughts and experience when I have read questions that I could respond to. In my above post, I was really did not want to fan the flames. I have had 30+ years of high-end audio experience both inside and outside of the industry...and I am still learning. The SACD and DVD-Audio thing has been a 3+ year wait-and-see, and I needed to/wanted to update what is my primary source component. I do listen to FM and I do listen to analog (still the reference), but the availability of great Jazz re-issues and the convience of the cd format makes it the most used by me. I believe this forum is best used for the exchange of information regarding audio gear, however music is an extremely emotional experience,...and, like most art forms, people must be tolerant of a persons expression when they are speaking of their thoughts/experience. This is getting a bit off the subject, but there is a popular phrase and poster in our country now that says, "Teach Tolerance", however is is just showing little cartoon people that are of different color. How a person looks is superficial, being tolerant of a person that thinks about, or sees, or feels differently than you closer to teaching true tolerance.
Robert_sj, It might be good if we could somehow get each others e-mail address...I think my reply could get a bit long. I have a some items for sale under the same ID..that you could email from...thanks.
the cd-50 & cd-55 are wery nice cd players - only marginally better than the alchemist nexus cd player, which is ~half the price. and, the differences are noticeable *only* when run in *direct* comparison - both players run at the same time, in sync, w/the same source material. the r/a players *are* noticeably better than the alchemist when used straight in to an amp, but as both sound better when run thru a line-stage, i dunno why anyone would run either this way. listen for yerself - *yew* be the judge. regards, doug. (and carl, re: harrassment - show me *ONE* post on *ANY* audiogon thread where i have harrassed yu. as i recall, wasn't it *YOO* who said "sedond doesn't know what he's talking about, as usual"?)
I will keep this the last follow-up to my post. The passion that music generates, be it from the performing side or the listening side(I do both), is a primary part of music..perhaps..the primary part of music. We must be very careful in regulating or censuring anything that surrounds music. From Mozart to Chet Baker to current Pop music..the emotions run high.
To: Robert_sj from above. All audio components, esp. solid state, need burn-in time to some degree, and the CD-55 is no exception. Out of the box you can expect it (and most solid-state components) to sound thin, have little front-to-back depth and for the tonal balance to be mid-range heavy. The Sheffield/XLO Burn-in CD programed to tracks 6,7 and 8 and set on repeat...then run for 24 to 48 hours will get the burn-in process going...then run various music for a few more days..and you will be mostly there. If you only have the player for a couple of days..and if it was just out of the box, you will not really hear the player's capability (but this would be true for most solid-state products). I listen to a fair amount of live music and various types of music....however, in the end result, voices, strings, brass and woodwinds are what I use to decide if a sound is right by me. The human voice is a superb test for all audio gear. The Resolution (after burn-in) gets Diana Krall, Sarah Vaugh, Ella, Billie....etc. right. I believe the power supply and audio sections (as well as accuracy of the laser reading) are of prime importance. Many players sport name-brand/model# dacs but lack enough quality in the power supply/audio section/cd-drive-laser/and shielding to have much chance to sound real.
Doug harassing anyone? He is too much a gentleman for that nonsense.
You know what sounds amazing? The resolution audio quantum dac ($3200) with a reference line preeminence 1 series 2 passive preamp ($1500). Much better setup. My passive control is waaaaay better than the stuff they throw in the CD-55's.
I've actually found the past threads and this one quite interesting. I truly hope these threads will continue regardless of the piece. I still feel a need to wait to upgrade, as I really want a great universal player/transport. I intentionally avoid demoing any new players or transports for fear that I'll prematurely fall in love too soon. Jeez, the last time that happened I ended up in a marriage that lasted only 2 months, by my choice. ;) I have noticed one thing, resolution audio manufactures more than just the cd55. How do I get information on their other products?
Copy of email from Resolution Audio (Jeff Kalt):

I regret to say that the cd55 is not currently in production, although there should be a few 'slightly' used players available at sites like

We at Resolution Audio have been going through some changes, and we decided to spend the last couple of months determining our future direction. As you can imagine, the last couple of years have not been good for a high-end audio company with a focus on digital products. The uncertainty of DVD-Audio and SACD has created a difficult environment for a company like ours. While these high-capacity formats offer tremendous potential, we have seen the Japanese giants make one questionable move after another. From our perspective, the result has been complete confusion within the high-end. Outside of our little niche, awareness of DVD-A and SACD is virtually non-existent, even among the most tech-savvy here in Silicon Valley.

While I personally have little confidence that either format will ultimately succeed in the broader market, we would love to support any format that offers such a great opportunity to advance the art of audio reproduction. Indeed, Resolution Audio was at the forefront of the DVD revolution with the DVD-Video based 96/24 format. Unfortunately, the format war between Sony/Philips and (primarily) Matsushita has made it nearly impossible for a small company like ours. Even three years after the "debut" of DVD-Audio and SACD, there is still not a compelling product definition for a high-end player. The greatest barrier, aside from limited software, is that no platform exists that will play all 4 formats, namely DVD-A, SACD, DVD-V, and of course CD. In addition, these formats are different enough that today's DVD-A player could never be upgraded to SACD, and vice-versa. We now need compatibility guides to know which 12cm discs will work in which machines. Consider that a 100 year-old telephone can still be plugged into today's network!

The upshot is that the CD market is still very robust. Three years ago we projected that DVD-A and/or SACD would make high-end CD players all but obsolete. Perhaps because DVD-A and SACD have been such a disappointment, we are seeing stronger interest in our CD products than ever before. We have therefore decided to redesign our flagship CD55 cd player, with a new launch set for September. While we are always looking for a DVD/SACD solution, we expect to release additional CD-based products by the end of the year. In addition, we will begin actively marketing our products and seeking to increase distribution through various channels. Also look for changes to our web site in the next couple of months.

Thank you again for your continued support, and I will keep you appraised of our progress.

Best regards,

Jeff Kalt
Resolution Audio
[email protected]