replacing the volume control in an inexpensive pre

The entire unit cost less than $500, so don't think that a $200 DACT is the answer, any other suggestions
The quality of the volume control is one of the most important if not the most important aspects of a preamp. Is the volume control broken? If you are not going to use something significantly better, there is no real reason to change it.
I don't yet have the pre-amp, just bought it here, but the seller says that it is loose and creates an uneven balance when "wiggled"

For now I am trying to do some research on what is available and get some opinions on them
TKD makes a very good volume control but you have to make sure it will fit inside the unit without much modification. I used one in an old Counterpoint preamp that replaced the original carbon pot. The new one is a plastic pot. I looked at the better volume pots but they could not fit in my unit. I spent many hours researching the information on volume pots and this TKD unit happens to be very good for the money. Look at the Counterpoint website ( and do a goggle search for TKD, the model I have is 2CP-2511 (stereo pot). I have an extra one that I would sell if you are interested since I sold the other Counterpoint preamp I owned at the time before I installed the pot.

Happy Listening.