Replacing Bel Canto S300 blown ASC200 module

So I have lost left channel on my S300 and after reading up on the amp a little and realizing that Bel Canto seems to have just wrapped two ASC200 modules in a nice case, maybe I should just order a new module for $129 and replace it myself.
A couple questions for smarter people than I. First, the ASC200 (at parts-express) says it is rated at 200W @4ohms, but the S300 says it is rated at 300WPC @4ohms. How can this be different? Second, looking at the pictures of the inside of the amp, this looks like an easy plug and play--is it so simple?

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It is the same 200ASC module.  I still have Rowland model 102 based on the same module.  300W specification, as golfnutz stated, is based on 10% distortion.  Rowland rated it only for 200W.  As I remember I took very long time (few hundred hours) for the sound to get smoothness and improve extensions - be patient.
@ukthunderace  Congratulations.  Not only satisfaction of fixing it yourself but also assurance of being able to do this again (god forbid) in the future.