Hello good people.

I have a new set-up of GamuT Monoblock M250MKIII and Preamplifier GamuT D3. The system is just so much better when runed balanced.

And my Cd-player is a Musical Fidelity KW DAC&Drive, singelended only. The input for CD on preamp is only XLR, so they really just built it to run balanced for cd. I did a test
yesterday (singelended) between my player and the new Linn Akurat DS music streamer. Funny the KW stack outperform it.

The Musical Fidelity Kw is very good, but I would like a little more bite to it, listened alot to heavy metal.

So any suggestion?

I have my eyes on the new Audio Research CD5.

I like a "punchy sound" so that it keep me engaging.


I'd think about a Sony SCD 9000es, or XA777es, or SCD 1. The SCD 1 offers balanced & single ended outs. New, I've seen the 9000s online for less than $1800.

Sony has great bottom end, and is quite dynamic or punchy. I've ran mine (SCD xa777) RCA out, into a balanced preamp & amp with no issues previous to going all RCA now.

There's tons of options available for any of the top sony CDPs, with loads of quality mods as well. Still, even without mods, their build is super, and the sound is very, very good.
Gamut CD3 is the natural match.
Hello, I don´t think that the GamuT cd is in the same league as my player. But perhaps I will try it anyway.

It keeps popping-up used player that are hot, like EMM-Labs CDSA, Wadia 581SE and Esoteric X-01 and ARC CD7

Time will tell.