C.E.C TL2 replacement

Hi looking for some suggestions or experiences on replacing my TL2 transport. Obviously I am open to any suggestions.
Since CEC does not have much of a presence here in the US ,and difficult to be able to to demo any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks Mark
Look at the thread on the Jay's Audio CDT-2 MK2 transport.  I replaced as my reference a CEC with this piece.
Thanks teajay what CEC piece did you have? And how long have you owned the Jay's transport?
Thanks Mark
Hey Mark,

I have the CEC -TL3N, put it in my smaller system, and the Jay's transport replaced in the large reference system.  I have owned the Jay's piece for around 4 months and my opinion of it has not changed at all.  It's amazing that this much performance and quality of build is sold for such a reasonable price.
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or now its time to go cd spinnerless and put it all on a hard drive or something like a storage device-streamer-DAC. like the bluesound vault2 and aurender products. its the way of the future as cd players-spinners are becoming harder to find as many stop making them, oppo for one.

Glenn is correct. You can get better results playing back from a computer device, and you can get hi-res to play natively. The trick is to select the optimum interface/DAC.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

I recently added a Jay's Audio CDT2 MK2 to my system. I love it!

Build quality is up there with just about anything and better than most transports I've seen. 

The sound quality though, is fantastic. I highly recommend it. 
Thanks for all of your suggestions I actually have a Lumin D2 steamer and love it. However I still like and want the touchy feely experience of the physical media. Much like the viniyl experience. Plus my TL2 paired up with my Hegel HD12 is still more analog sounding then my streamer
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Hi Steve,

Have you heard the Jay's Audio CDT2 Mk2 transport?

Simple question, please reply.