Sonus Faber replacement parts

To all Sonus Faber owners who have purchased used, as Sonus Faber will not sell parts for speakers that were not purchased from an authorized dealer, how have you handled the need for part replacement and/or repair. I have been very interested in used Cremonas, but have been a little detered by the company's policy. Thanks in advance.
Can't you ask for seriel numbers from the seller (as well as identifying the retailer) and then check with Sonus to make sure they were sold thru their distribution chain? They are just one of several manufacturers who go this far to protect their dealers from grey market product.
Newbie, I suppose I could ask for that info, but I wondered if the company would also want sales records, and other bits of info verifying that I was the original purchaser of the speakers.
Hawk, I don't know what Sonus' policy is but normally it isn't a matter of you having to buy them new so much as that they were sold new thru the dealers distribution chain in the first place. Some manufacturers only restrict their objections to warranty issues but some others will not sell you parts OR even service the unit at you expense.

You really need to pin down what Sonus' actual policy is and move ahead accordingly. You can probably get this info from their distributor.
if you buy from oversea, you can still ask the seller to obtain parts for you from their local distributor. not very difficult and there are always people who are willing to help.
Bought S.F. on A'Gon, long story short they came damaged. I contacted Sumiko and they put me in touch with a local dealer who was able to replace the woofer and tweeter. The speakers were originally sold by an authorzed u.s. Retailer so all went well.
Thanks for all of your responses.

Ebe, that's good to hear, that eases my mind a little in case I decide to go with the Cremona and eventually need somre repair. Thanks again.
I'm missing a couple of gold screw on sleeves on the back jacks of my Sonus Faber Concerto's that allows for a speaker wire to slip into a slot and then the sleeve screws down onto it. I use banana plugs so I'm up and running, but would like to have the sleeves...(I know they're called something else.) And help with Sonus Faber or other sleeves that would work would be great..!