Rennaisance MOREL HLP-501 - info please

I'm contemplating purchase of the mid size 3 way floor standing speakers. Has 8" woofer, soft dome mid, and silk done. All drivers are MOREL which I've heard are good. Can anyone share their experiences with this speaker. Based on feedback I've already gotten else where I expect good highs and mids. However, I have a 18 X 14 room and listen to Pink Floyd, Eagles.... so I'd like some decent bass. SPeaker is ratedfor 36 hz (-3db). Not sure these speakers having a sealed cabinet, 33" tall will provide sufficient bass. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Current System: SF Power 2 amp, TAD 150 pre, Jolida JD-100 cd player, Mirage M7si bi-polar speakers.
Hi, I have no experience with that speaker, but what I can address is t he tweeter. I had a pair of Unity Audio Signature 1's I bought new in 1993 and they had the Morel silk-dome tweeters. They were always very muscial and not shrill or too etched in detail, so no listener fatigue. The Morel tweeter maybe not be what you want if you are a d etail or resolution freak. It sounds like your room size is ok, the 8 inch tweeter should be enough for your room, but what is the speaker's efficiency? Are you sure that your amplifier has enough power a nd current to drive the Morel? Usually sealed cabinet speakers have a low drive efficiency and need power and higher current. Good luck in your quest.--Mrmitch
Might want to call Dennis Murphy.

He has designed a fairly mod to correct some response anomolies.
Agree with Westborn - Dennis' website includes "before/after" graphs for his crossover fix which are quite compelling. I'd only get the speakers if I intended to make the fix.