Dahlquist reincarnated? Please see link below:


When I was younger I auditioned a pair of the originals and they blew me away. Eventually, I ended up with JSE Infinite Slope's then Symdex Gammas.

I'll be in the market again soon and while I see Quad's for sale everywhere (988's) it seems that DQten's too have been brought back to life from the dead by a Canadian company (see link above).

Does anyone know anything about these reincarnations or the company itself?

I'll be going to one of the CES shows where I hope to hear Acapellas LaCampanella & LaMusika, Druid, Merlins, Avantgarde's Uno, Quads etc. but the original DQ10's were always a hit...

Thanks for your help.

dahlquist has been around as a canadian company for quite a while. the new 10 however is going to be interesting
dahlquist never went under it was bought out by the regnar corp,they have alway's been there to buy part's from for the old dq10's,i know they were still making speaker system's as of a year ago but im now sure weather or not there were any plans to bring back to life the dq10's.

i too fondly remembered the dq10's from my youth & when i was old enough & had enough cash to finally get some 10's i found them to be an extremly hard speaker to get good sound from,i also found them to have a horrible bass response,i even went as far as buying the seperate bass module & pasive xover that was supposed to correct the lack of a decent bass response all to no avail.

in the end i found them to be just too hard to drive & not enough bass response.

who know's though maybee regnar-dahlquist changed the design from the original saul marantz design & corrected the problem's.
You might consider a pair of the 20i's or 30i's..I think they tried to address the base issues with the two models. I saw a pair of perfect 30i's go on ebay (in Florida) for around $700. Regnar sells upgrade kits for the older models.
Wow, I saw the new Dq10s. The only thing that it is similar to the older Dq10 is on the designation. What it seems to me is that it is an entirely new design and most likely with the improvements to the problems that Bigjoe might have had with it. Look at the push and pull designation of the woofer. Doesn't the top look to be baffle less in execution? It seems to follow the line of the Linkwitz design, with different low end design.

If I were in the market for loudspeakers, I would check them out for sure.
Does anyone know where they are manufactured?
Bemopti123: Did you get to hear the DQ-10s? Or were they just on a static display?

Is the bass also an open baffle design? That's where the dipole nature of the Linkwitz Orions is most useful. It's not clear from the Dahlquist web site whether the bass on the new DQ-10 is in a box, or is open. The drawing leads me to think that it's a ported box.

Do they have any dealers lined up in the US yet?