Remote Possibilities

I have a Musical Fidelity A-308 CD player purchased on Agon with no remote. There is a remote on e-bay for a Musical Fidelity A-5 integrated amp that is IR-based a la the CD player's remote. What are the odds that the A-5 remote will operate my A-308 CD player?
What are the odds ... probably zero.  

The 308 was manufactured in the UK some 13 or so years ago.  The A-5 was the first generation of the Taiwan manufactured MF components.

Why not contact the US MF representative or MF directly?  

USA:  Audio Plus Services

Phone: 1 800 663 9352

If I could not locate a 308 remote, I would look for a remote for the MF CD PRE 24. a preamp/ CD combo from that time.

Any chance you have a photo of the 308 remote?  I have a CD PRE 24, I can tell you if they look similar.  


Here is a link to an image of the remote for the 308.  It would seem that MF made one remote for the 308 amp, cd player, & tuner.

If you look at the next image there is a picture of a Logitech remote (Harmony 200), which was a popular learning universal remote at the time.  You would enter the appropriate code and the remote would learn the codes.  If this is the case, you may have better luck tracking down the Logitech,

Thanks rar1.....I had e-mailed djacques, but haven't heard back yet. The Harmony 200 could be a solution, but I thought you had to have the original remote for it to learn the code. If it can be entered directly, that would be the best solution for me.

With the Harmony remotes, you don't need to enter codes. You set up the remote on the Harmony website and it downloads the codes to the remote via USB. You can check the Harmony website to see if the MF player and amp are in their database.

I haven't used one in 7-8 years, but when I used one in the past it worked great.
That's the problem....the last time I checked, that code was not in their data-base. I've got the Harmony 650 remote and tried to download the code, but it didn't recognize the model. I'll try again to make sure I didn't do something wrong. Thanks so much for your help.
You can always contact MF in the UK.  It is a functionality question.  Head Office usually is better than overseas distributors.

Good news.....the 308 IS in the Harmony data-base. I had entered two incorrect characters the first time I searched for it. Thanks for all the tips
everyone gave. I'm tired of bending over to push front-panel buttons even though I need the exercise.