REL B3 Subwoofer static

I have a REL B3 subwoofer in my system that I leave on regardless of whether the entire system is on or not. Lately I have noticed that it is picking up a radio frequency and playing it through the woofer, sometimes loud enough to hear music and sometimes its just all static. I do not have an FM/AM antenna hooked up to my preamp or anywhere near the sub. I am sure it is a simple fix but before I tear apart my gear closet I'd like a little advice. Ground??????? Thanks
Are you connecting the rel to the speaker out from the amp (high level) or sub out (low level)? Is the sub - amp or preamp grounded (using all three prongs on the power cords)?

If low level out make sure your pre-amp and sub are grounded. If High level you may need to get a shielded cable (but dont know if any exist).

I have a B3 and have never had that problem but working with computers for 30+ years I have seen what you are describing with monitors and long cable runs. In all cases there has been a radio transmitter antenna within eyesight. You may need to shield the subs input cable but first I would try moving it around first and listen for any changes.
I have B3, and never had this problem either.
I have a B1 and 2 R305's and this is definately a ground issue. Make sure that your rel ground is properly grounded. Some amps are weird about how this needs to happen. Call Barnaby at Sumiko- he is there tech guy to resolve issue.