Rega TT owners - phono suggestions?

Enjoying my new Rega rp6 very much.  Super quiet and smooth presentation.  Wondering about phono upgrades in the near future.  I am currently switching between a Graham Slee SE Gram amp 2 and a Jolida JD 9 2 tube preamp.  Both sound good, surprisingly similar actually, but I think I am leaning towards the ever so slightly cleaner presentation of the Gram amp.  The rp6 is kind of mellow, at least compared to my old Dual 1219 that is.  Cart is Rega Exact.  Not much experience with analog gear so looking for suggestions - from Rega owners primarily.  I've read through the past threads, looking for more current suggestions.  Budget around +- 1k I guess for starters.
Hello, I have a Rega RP8 with a Hana SL cartridge. I started with an Arcam rPhono that I got on sale for $350. It sounded surprisingly good for the low price tag - very clear and energetic with good separation and a sense of intensity. I’d recommend it for anyone looking at the under $500 price. It’s certainly far better than the Tube Box (I had one briefly and thought it was very overrated) for about the same money. The rPhono isn’t made anymore so you have to find them used, and I see really good deals on them. 

I wanted a richer soundstage and more resolution, and I love tube gear, so I went with a Tavish Design Vintage for about $800 all in with upgraded tubes. 

I think the Tavish Vintage is a great choice for this price point. The soundstage, resolution, and detail are a big step up from the Arcam, and the overall sound is fuller and less lean. The Arcam felt harsh after comparing it to the Tavish. Bass is strong and much more focused than the Arcam. So, for $800 I can attest the Tavish is a worth a close look. 

I have a Rega Elex-R integrated and Martin Login Motion 40i speakers, along with good quality interconnects, speaker cable, and power conditioning. Modest system compared to a lot around here, but I really love it. 
Rega makes some nice modestly priced integrated amps that I think are a great starting point or landing spot. 
I just compared a Rega Aria with the Graham Slee Accession MM phono stage, and the Slee was a clear winner in my system.  Wonderful detail without harshness, dynamic, and just sounded like music.  I have it paired with a Rega Elex-R, and an Acoustic Signature table with Rega RB 330 arm.  It's a great match.  If you like the Slee that you have, I would heartily recommend moving up to the Accession.  If you can purchase from Music Direct, you will have a generous return period in which to audition it in your system. 

Cheers, Scott