Refoam or Recone?

I have been getting conflicting advice on this.
Can a speaker be refoamed and kept in the proper alignment?
I have heard that it is very difficult to do a good refoam job and that the best choice is to recone the speaker. If this is true how do they match the exact material used or is that not important? I am in a situation that one or the other must be done on an expensive set of speakers and I do not want to ship them back to the original manufacturer.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Miller Sound in PA charged me $35 to redo the surround on my speakers call them they are one of the best and they will tell you what to do.
215 412-7700
If you want a second source on renewing a speaker contact me via email. I've done dozens of surrounds and there is no problem EXCEPT in the case the cone is ripped or the cone material is otherwise decrepitating. Then reconing is required, along with renewing the surround. Many of the modern materials obviate the need to perform this procedure a second time. Take each case on its own merits as far as what procedure needs be performed. It's usually fairly simple to remove a driver from a cabinet, pack it well and ship it.