Refoaming vintage OHM speakers

Hey guys. I just found an old pair of OHM C2 speakers at a garage sale. Everything seems to be in good shape except for the foam surrounds on the 10" woofers. Not bad for $10. So I have taken the woofers out and cleaned them up. I am wondering what repair kit/provider you would recommend. There are several out there but I am leaning toward the decware option. So my questions are: 1) anyone out there actually refoamed a pair of C2s? 2) If not, what kits have you had good luck with in refoaming comparable speakers. Thanks for your input.
Check Parts Express...they have a database for refoam kits where you just enter the mfg and model
This guy gets great praise for speaker repair;you might want to give him a call:
Bill LeGall at Millersound
Yes, Bill LeGall is the master at this. His prices are very reasonable, and talking with him is both a delight and very informative. The url is:

(Note that it ends with .net, not .com).

Don't have the volume on your computer speakers turned up too high when you click on the link and go to the site's home page!

Good luck,
-- Al
Already contacted Ohm. They would only sell me new woofers at $145 a piece. Really want to try to refoam first.
You could also try Simply Speakers. They have reconed/refoamed several drivers for me and did a wonderful job. They sell kits too, if you want to do it yourself, but their prices are quite reasonable.